Sunday, 30 October 2011

My week in photographs

1: Mega breakfast of homemade American style pancakes, was delish.
2: Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows is my cold weather saviour.
3: My current fantasy MAC basket, so tempting to click 'continute to checkout'!
4: H&M order came in 4 days - I take back all the moaning I did about their delivery. I ordered the jumper I spoke about here in my month's most wanted - didn't like it though :(
5: Always thought vitamins were a bit of a... well, con. But I'm always the first to catch a cold so thought I'd see if vitamins make any difference.
6: Got back into reading again, currently reading 'One Day' which I know I'm completely late on. But how cute is this book mark?? From Amazon fyi.
7: MAC Shy Girl is dying :( Love Cremesheen formulas... but this is their downfall!

Hope every has had a good week as always, and I hope every has been enjoying and continues to enjoy Halloween. What are all of your plans? Gotta say, I'm not a Halloween fan :/


  1. I gasped when I saw your lippy :( *cries for you* haha. An idea I've seen is getting a little pot/tin and putting it in that - it'll be a faff to apply with a brush/fingers but it's better than it falling off and being all smushy when you put it on your lips :/ lol

    xxx Kat

  2. Ahh this is such a cute post!!! The hot chocolate looks DIVINE!!! xxx

  3. you've made me want pancakes SO badly now! admiring your fantasy mac basket, melba and a million lipsticks are on my list too! x

  4. Oh boo to the dying lippy! Hate it when that happens :( but hey, with hot chocolates that good you've got nothing to worry about ;) x

  5. Awh poor Shy Girl :( My face actually dropped when i saw it, lol!

  6. Mmmmmm Hot Chocolate. Yours looks heavenly! Your poor MAC lipstick! I hate it when that happens!! xxx

  7. Oh those pancakes look amaze! My MAC basket is slowly filling up too, seriously have "too much" in my beauty box to justify anymore purchases though. Absolutely loved reading One Day, I just need to get round to watching the film version now! xx

  8. Those pancakes look amazing! I bet I'll be craving them all week now mmm! That lipstick makes me want to cry. :( I just bought a new one last week and somehow managed to snap it without realising and it was all stuck in the lid when I opened it. :( xx

  9. All of the food is making me hungry! :P Especially the pancakes ♥ Love the bookmark, it's amazing! x

  10. My mac basket looks very similar and it's constantly growing! Managed to sneak a few items onto my birthday list though which will bring it down again :P The pancakes look amazing! Love 'One Day' I only read it last month, such an amazing book!

    L x

  11. @HelloKittyx94 - I know it's so sad! :( I think I might depot it.... I haven't yet decided!

    @Soph - It was pretty lush ;)

    @Emma - Ahh I was a bit naughty and bought a few items from my MAC basket, oops

    @Danni - The hot chocolates have definitely been comforting me!

    @PickAndMix - It's so distressing isn't it??

    @Michelle - I know exactly how you feel, feel a little bit ill when I look at all my make up :|

    @Charlene - Ah no! Dying lippies make me want to cry too

    @Whimsical Wolf - Ahh thanks <3

    @Laura - My MAC mental fantasy basket is well in the £100's, I can't even add it all to my online basket because it's sickening lol



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