Monday, 31 October 2011

Small shop...

I've been on a mission to try and get sorted for Winter. Because usually, winter rolls around and I don't have anything sensible to wear! So the last week I've picked up a couple of bits, so I'm a step closer to being prepared for the cold weather (which is already here!).

Chunky knit cardigan, £14 Cream cable knit jumper, £12 /Both Primark
I've seen this cardigan on a few blogs for a while now and I finally got the chance to get it - they also have it in a really nice rusty red colour but they didn't have my size :( Bit pricey for Primark, but it just seems to be at the moment? The cable knit jumper is pretty self explanatory... a staple really.

Oversized striped crop top, £8.00 /Primark   Burgandy crochet front top, £28 /Next
Okay so the crop top isn't very winter appropriate but I really loved it... the stripes go in a different direction on the sleeves and sides, and I bought it in a few sizes bigger because it was just more flattering. I bought the burgundy lace/crochet/granny/doily front top mainly for work as part of my uniform. But I've already got loads more wear out of it. The sleeves and back are sheer chiffon, love!

Did the obligatory run to Boots this week, but I controlled myself (sort of) and only bought two items. I got the Lady Million perfume, which I love btw. I just bought the 30ml bottle for £33.70, I was going to get Stella but I thought I'd wait for Christmas to see if anyone picks up my hints or I'll just buy it with some Christmas money :) I also picked up the Maybelline gel liner, will do a review on this probably eventually. The gel liner was £7.99.

So there are my latest goodies!


  1. I really need to get to Primark or something for some winter gear. Really like that cream jumper you got. :)

  2. I have the shorter version of that jumper. Its so cosy! :D x

  3. Those cardi and jumper look so comfy!

  4. Love those chunky knit cardigans!!! xxx

  5. I love that purple top!

  6. @Sarirah - They have a lot of nice chunky knits in right now :) it's worth a trip

    @Soph - I couldn't find a shorter version! :( Although yesterday I saw a shorter camel one, need it!

    @Jessica-May xo - Thank you!

    @G A B Y - They are unbelievably warm!

    @meaw + Eden Maclarn - Glad you like them!



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