Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Project 10 Pan: Complete!

Good morning lovelies,
So I finally hit pan on a tenth product, which means my project 10 pan is now over and I'm free to buy more make up! Although I'll try to only stock up on things I actually need! So the last product that I hit pan on is Elf's Eyebrow Kit - which is actually my third one so I thought it definitely deserved a mention/review.

This is my favourite brow product I've ever used. What makes it even better is that is only £3.50 from the Elf website! This one is in the shade Dark, I'd usually go for Medium but they didn't have any in stock and I couldn't be without it! You get two pans of product that can be used in conjunction or separately. As you can see from mine, I only really use the wax side.


My natural brows are very dark, almost black. The main problem I have with them is that the start of them aren't even, the ends are quite sparse but I'm quite lucky in that I really just need a product to groom them and make them look a bit neater. Here is a horrible photo of my brows in their natural state, with no product.

And here are my brows once I've put the wax in them (no powder)...

I like my brows to still look quite natural which is why I only use the wax - I find the powder can make them look a little bit fake and 'drawn on'. But if I'm going on a night out or something, or want them to look a little bit more defined I'll pat the powder over the top very lightly.

This is a really great little brow product without spending a fortune and I don't think I will ever be without it! It does exactly what I need it to do and I even use the little brush that comes with it - so very travel friendly.

Have you tried the Elf brow kit? What is your favourite brow product?


  1. I love this product too :) I'm the opposite though and use the powder instead of the wax because the powder gives me a more natural look x

  2. I literally wouldn't be without this product. I love a really strong brow so use both the wax and powder as well as the ELF Brow Tamer...Excessive maybe, but I love the look all these products together gives xxx

  3. I need to try this as I find when I put powder through my brows they look a bit fake! Love your eye makeup by the way, it looks gorgeous xx


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