Sunday, 9 October 2011

My week in photographs

1: 'Hungry Caterpillar' stand in a garden centre, anybody remember this book??
2: Last part of Summer hanging around [flowers in a memorial garden] 
3: PEZ?!?! Amazing. Santa Pez? My world exploded. Love.
4: Christmas decorations are everywhere now... it's becoming real that it's really soon! Made a start on my Christmas presents so feeling quite organised :)

5, 6: Had major chocolate cravings this week! Usually more of a savoury person... but when a girl needs chocolate, they need chocolate. Popped to Tesco before work and indulged myself ;) In the car. Classy. Did anyone else used to eat Animal Bars when they were little?

7: So I had an appointment at the hospital at the start of the week - I had a few moles that I was concerned about. The others were no problem but the Doctor said she'd like to take the one on my foot off and sent away for biopsy. I'm sure it's nothing though! So I currently have 2 stitches and dressing on my ankle/foot. Sorry for the gory photo, I like to make things dramatic ;) Go and get your skin checked guys, if you think anything might've changed!

How has everybody's week been?


  1. Pez!!! Haven't had them in yonkssssss. I still eat Animal Bars now they're delish haha xx

  2. Ouch did it hurt? I definitely need to get my skin checked, just because I'm a little paranoid although I do have quite moley skin (cheers dad lol) xx

  3. I loved Pez and Animal Bars! Nostalgia! Hope all is ok with the biopsy. I'm sure it will be all fine :) xx

  4. Hello pez! Amaazingg! Cannot believe all the christmas stuff at the minute!
    Hope everything goes ok with the biopsy!x

  5. @Charlotte - I know! I got so excited when I saw the Pez haha. Nomnom, animal bars.

    @Sarah - Erm, I could feel it but it was fine :) Haha love that 'I do have quite moley skin'. You definitely should though :) It's put my mind at ease.

    @Tamsin - I knoww <3 Love them! &Thank you.

    @k f e d l a n d - Thank you sweet :D



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