Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hey ladies,
As I'm currently on Easter Holidays with plenty of revision to do, it was inevitable that I would frequent the shops ;) Revision makes my brain hurt and bores me to death out of me. I'm still trying to save as many pennies as possible, so I have been sticking to Primark :/ Although they have actually been having a lot of good things in there recently! So here's my haul (from today and last friday) mainly Primark with a guest from H&M and one from Boots.

Graphic Mens T-Shirt, Primark £5.00
The t-shirts in the mens section of Primark are so good! Their graphics are always really good and I think they're quite good quality too. This one just has some Polaroid style images with the words 'these days something must break', I'm planning on cutting this up DIY style. Not sure whether to go for vest top style or off the shoulder... what d'you reckon?

Cropped Rose Print Top, Primark £6.00
I really loved this when I saw it... the nude colour, the rose print, the cropped-ness. I'm thinking this will look gorgeous over a black vest dress or high waisted shorts/bodycon skirt for a night out but equally good over leggings or jeans.

Sheer Sleeveless Shirt, Primark £10.00
I think we're all loving these sheer shirts at the moment, and Primark have come up trumps! I really like the contrasting buttons and the pockets. The sleeves have a cute 'rolled up' look to them as well. IN LOVE.

Distressed Denim Shorts, Primark £8.00
I have plenty of pairs of denim shorts, but I loved the distressed feel to these and the medium wash denim... I had to pick them up at the bargain price! They also do a light wash that I'd like to make in space in my wardrobe for.

Black Sunglasses, Primark £1.00
I'd love some black RayBan Wayfarers but I don't think my purse would forgive me. I saw these in Primark and thought they had a very Wayfareresque feel about them, and for £1 you can't go wrong. They slightly remind me of 3D glasses, but I love them all the same ;)

Clear With Pink Rose Ring, Primark £1.00
Possibly my tackiest and gaudiest purchase of the year so far? I won't apologise though, I've fallen for this! It's a clear plastic ring with a 3D pale pink rose in the middle. It actually looks quite elegant on - I promise! ;)

Large Turqouise Cracked Ring, Primark £2.00
I've seen this ring all over blogger and I couldn't wait to pick it up. It's the turquoise colour that everybody is going crazy for and also has that crackled effect inspired by the YSL Arty ring I would imagine. It is really big but looks beautiful. You have permission to shoot me if I ever wear this with matching nail polish *shudder*.

Butterfly Sleeve Top, H&M £7.99
The colour is gorgeous and it seems to be everywhere, it's a cross between rust and camel. H&M do these in a wide range of different colours and prints - I have my eye on a floral one. It's really flattering and I think would be on any shape or size :)

Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Rollers, Boots £15.32
If you read my March edition of Month's Most Wanted I mentioned how I want to try and cut down how much heat I use on my hair and thought rollers might be a good way to do so. The packaging is cute and I like the colour scheme - I'm a massive nerd with things like that. You get 30 rollers of different sizes for pretty much £15. Which I think is great because the Boots own brand are about £6 for 6.

So that's what I've been buying! Are you having a bit of a Primark frenzy like me?


  1. i went to primarni last friday and am already having withdraw symptoms lol even more so now that i've booked my summer holiday and know that i need lots of summery clothes :)
    i love the crop top - will definitely keep my eyes peeled for that next time i'm in! xx

  2. I love the crop top from Primark, the colours of it go so nicely together. I think the clear ring with the rose in is really cute too. Haha, I know how you feel about all the revision - it's such a drag! x

  3. Oh wow I love that turqouise ring. I think you should do an off the shoulder number on the first t-shirt xx

  4. This post makes me want to go to Primark so badly!

    Lovely purchases, the ring is gorgeous. I can't stop wearing mine.


  5. I love that rose crop top so much! And I agree that the mens t-shirts are so good in Primark. Great haul! x

  6. wow, you got some fab things :)
    I adore the mens tshirts in there too- I need a Primark splurge x

  7. Love the crop top, need it in my life :)
    izzy x

  8. the crop top is so pretty. I thought that the polaroid t-shirt would be a womans :D

  9. I've seen a few people mention how good the primark mens tee's are. And I really like the cropped floral vest, would look ace with a bodycon skirt and heels


  10. I actually love that rose ring best of all!!

  11. Oh, cute! I love all of your buys!! x

  12. I was going to buy that top the other day, not sure why I didn't but I love it, the colour is beautiful! x

  13. @Sarah - Haha Primark is always my first stop before going on holiday! Especially for bikinis and sunglasses ;)

    @Tess - I just need to get motivated to knuckle down and get down to revision!

    @Sunshine Sam - Thank you, yeah I was thinking off the shoulder but I needed a second opinion ;)

    @Abby - Me either! Been wearing it 24/7!

    @Zoe - Thank you :) I love the mens t-shirts and their so cheap too!

    @Steph - Thanks, go and splurge! ;)

    @Thedreamsofizzyinabigwildworld - Haha, I think I struck lucky finding it...

    @Carly - Some of the mens t-hirts have really pretty graphics :)

    @Eloise - Yep that's gonne be how I'm wearing it on my next night out!

    @Princessbelle - Ah I'm glad someone else likes it, haha <3

    @Hannah Michelle - Thanks girly :)

    @DaintyMakeup - The H&M one? I'm loving that colour too :)



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