Thursday, 2 June 2011

Haul with a slight difference

Hey girls,
So yep I've been hauling again! But this time it's guilt free, because the 'difference' that the title refers to is that I went charity shopping. When I was little, my mum would always drag me around charity shop after charity shop and all I remember is me hating it! However, I've seen a few hauls on Youtube and the likes recently, with people getting amazing deals so I called my mumma yesterday night and I said 'Mum. Teach me how to charity shop!' and this morning we went on a bit of a mission, diving into the rails of charity shops. I'm pretty impressed, I picked up some good things...

Beige Blazer, £1.99
Found this little blazer, it was originally £4.50 but was knocked down to £1.99. Honestly, how amazing is that? I couldn't believe it haha. It's by a brand called 'Jigsaw' which rings a bell, but I'm not sure...

Navy Blazer, £1.99
Another bargain blazer, £1.99 knocked down from £4.99! I've been looking for a navy blazer for what feels like ages. This one is very over sized, but I kind of like that - I just roll up the sleeves to make it look a little better. It also has shoulder pads, but not so over-the-top 80s style lol, gives a really ncie silhouette. From the brand Amaranto.

Black Blazer, £3.75
Again, I've been looking for a nice structured black blazer because it's a staple and I ended up finding this one from New Look! A little pricier than the others, but still a steal without a doubt! Looks like I had Blazer fever haha!

Sleeveless Shirt, £2.50
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is this shirt (but in Navy) from Topshop, yes... Topshop! Super chuffed with this find ;) I've wanted a shirt like this for a while, it would've been perfect had it of been a rust colour but I can't complain! This usually retails for £18 and I got it for £2.50!

Black and Grey Striped Cardigan, £2
Saw this cardigan and I thought it was quite cute, it's kind of 'boyfriend' style, although it is actually an aged 14 cardigan from H&M Young! Good for lazy days :)

Golfing Style Cardigan, £2
Okay, don't judge me guys! I love golf/Pringle styled... anything really. Maybe it's to do with the fact that my dad's a mad keen golfer? Yep, that's the excuse I'm sticking to lol. It's a mens cardigan from Cedarwood State AKA male department of Primark :)

Sorry for all the horrible, horrible 'poses' if you can even call them that, in these photo's. Now you all know why outfit posts are rare! Lol. I just thought that the Blazers especially didn't photograph well so I thought I'd put them on for you all :) I've overcome my fear of Charity Shops!! Haha, take and friend and have fun with it :) You can get some amazing deals. Although, I guess you probably have to get them on the right day...

Are you a fan of Charity shops?


  1. Haha that's so cool you got such good bargains, it's making me want to go to charity shops!

    My mom runs one, and I always pick up nice things in there :)

  2. Wow i love the first blazer by Jigsaw. And im prety sure their items are quite pricey so you really picked up a bargin there!

    Like Yu said, Youve made me want to go charity shops!


  3. Oh i must go charity shop shopping, fab buys :-) x

  4. Oh Im so jealous! The chairty shops near I love are rubbish!

  5. wow! love every item!
    i can never find anything half as good when i go, usually find a few books and that's about it! :( <3

  6. Wow you picked some right bargains up! I can never find stuff in charity shops, think I need to try harder! x

  7. I really need to give charity shops a chance. I walk in, glance around and am then surprised when nothing jumps out at me. I need to rummage!
    Loving the blazers x

  8. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love for you to tell me your opinions on it! :)

    follow me?

  9. Great bargains! I always end up giving up with charity shops as my town is full of old people! Going to have to hunt deeper x

  10. Great bargains! The blazers especially. xx

  11. Oh my gosh, such great bargains! I've attempted charity shop shopping before but never have the patience to look through the rails ): I love that Pringle-esque cardigan, and the two blazers: absolutely gorgeous! Hope you're well Natalie (: xx

  12. Love that last cardi. Great buys! xx

  13. Wow, you got some amazing bargains! x

  14. You picked up some amazing bargains. I love everything you bought and I must admit that I'm slightly jealous. haha. I've done a bit of charity shop shopping but I always end up gravitating towards the book section rather than the clothes. That's my life for you. haha. x

  15. I actually went charity shopping two ays ago and found things from topshop and new look I was well chuffed!! xxx

  16. @Yu - Ooh that would be great, you must get the first pick!

    @Leanne Marie - Ah I thought they were a 'premium' brand but I thought may be that was just me haha. You should go! I'm so impressed with my finds lol.

    @Catherine - I think I was just having a lucky day! We shall see... lol

    @Jess - I think it's just a case of having to really root around...

    @Jodie - Ahh, I think I got lucky really. Take a friend/family member makes it much less boring!

    @Corrie - Beginners luck? Probably!

    @Princesselfy - That's why I took my mum, she has much more patience than I do lol.

    @Rach - That's possibly the nicest comment I've ever recieved... thank you so much! Aah I checked out both your blogs and really like them. I study Biology so that one was really interesting to me!!

    @Fudgesmoothies - Yeah you definitely need to get stuck it, we went in the morning so it was quite quiet, maybe it's better early morning?

    @Jen - Thanks!

    @Michelle - Thank you lovely <3 I'm great and I hope you are too :D

    @Jessica - Glad you like them :)

    @Zoe - Thanks, I'm pretty chuffed! Lol

    @Katie - Ooh I was rummaging through books too, but I have so many I haven't read so restrained myself lol.

    @Izzy - Ahh yay for charity shopping! ;)


  17. Natalie you look gorgeous, give me your hair/tan/face please! So jealous that you 'the cult Topshop top' for £2.50, what a fab bargain!xx

  18. @Holly - Thank you lovely!!! Tan?! What tan?! Lol. Haha I know... I was chuffed! xoxo


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