Thursday, 9 June 2011

Review: Body Shop Cucumber skincare

Hello everyone :)
A while ago now I ordered some bits and pieces from The Body Shop and showed them in this post here. A few people mentioned in the comments that reviews may be helpful :) I've been using both skincare items - the Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Cucumber Freshening Water both day and night since then. It's been roughly a month so I think enough time has elapsed to tell you what I think of the two products.

Cucumber Cleansing Milk, £4.00
To start off with, this strangely doesn't smell like cucumber; just a very fresh and un-offending scent. It has the same consistency as most cleansing milks - quite liquidy but creamy at the same time. It's super gentle and can be used around the eye area with no problem. What I really noticed about this cleanser was how moisturising it is. Once you've washed the milk from your face, your skin feels really hydrated. It doesn't leave a greasy residue behind, but a nice moisturising layer (which sinks in very quickly). This worried me a little bit, as I have oily skin. But I didn't find this made me any more oily than usual and it could've even stopped me from getting so oily because my skin didn't need to produce any! 

This is also a great cleanser to use when travelling - but you would need to dispense it into a smaller container. The reason I say this is because it is just as effective without water. I've used this a number of times after removing my make up just by massaging it onto my face and then wiping it off with a cotton pad. Overall, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling very soft, clean and hydrated. If you have dry/sensitive skin I really urge you to try this. If you have normal/oily skin it would also work for you, I just feel as though those with dry skin would benefit the most.

Freshening Water, £4.00
This smells a little bit more like cucumber, but again, nothing like I'd imagined. I used this as a toner after cleansing with the Cucumber Cleansing Milk, by pouring it onto a cotton pad and sweeping all over the face. It does what it says on the tin - makes your skin feel very fresh! The cleanser is pretty good at removing all traces of dirt but if there is still some stubborn foundation this will get it off.

This didn't do anything amazing to my skin, and I don't think it's anything to write home about. This is a good product, very gentle and keeps the skin soft and clean... but I just don't think it's special. I would definitely recommend the cleanser over this but it does work well as a step after cleansing with the milk.

Okay so they were my thoughts :) I hope it's been useful to some of you. Let me know what you think about these products if you've tried them out!


  1. Great post :-)
    I may have to try these out, I have never tried anything from The Body Shop for my skin!
    Very helpful, xx

  2. I'm currently using the cucumber water as my daily toner and I love it! Thanks for this post, you've made me want to try the cleansing milk too! xx


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