Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Month's Most Wanted

Hey guys :)
It's coming to the end of June now - which means another edition of Month's Most Wanted! In all honesty, I found this month quite difficult to decide what I've been lusting over... I've put myself on a month long make-up spending ban so there aren't really any make up items in this months. I am desperately trying to save money at the moment, and it should get a little bit easier when I start work soon. But I also wanted to put myself on a ban because 1) I have far too much make up that doesn't get enough love already and 2) I simply want to see if I can do it! Haha. Wish me luck!

LUSH Fresh Farmacy: I'm on a bit of a search for some new skincare and it occured to me a few days ago that I've never really tried any LUSH skin care items (apart from Grease Lightning) and I've heard really great things about it. You can see what it claims here on their website and it all looks promising! It's pretty affordable too if it lasts for a long time :)
[£4.35, 100g]

Pandora Leather Double Wrap Bracelet: I love the idea of having a charm bracelet and being able to add bits and pieces onto it... but the usual Pandora bracelets don't really appeal to me... they're a little too fancy for little old me lol. I do however love the double wrap leather bracelets - they're much more casual. I can't decide between the black or the white! I would probably just have a one or two charms to keep it really simplistic.

Essie Van D'Go: This colour is beautiful, I've seen it on Youtube/Blogger for yonks and I've always yearned for it. But now the sun is out I want it even more! It is just the perfect summer colour. I would be interested if someone could tell me how similar Barry M Peach Melba is?

Dorothy Perkins Cut-Out Pumps: I'm in need of some new, decent flats to take me through the summer. Usually I just buy them from Primark but i must be heavy footed or something because I ruin them in a couple of weeks! I think these ones are so sweet and I love the Apricot and the White and I'm tempted to buy both - either one of them would go with absolutely everything and would look amazing with a tan! plus I could show off my pretty Essie Van D'GO on my toesies ;)
[£20.00 each]

So that's my Month's Most Wanted for June! Have you got any of these items - would you recommend them? What have you been lusting after?


  1. Gorgeous things, I would also be interested in trying more Lush. I have ordered Essie Van D'Go and have Peach Melba so will tell you when it arrives :-) x

  2. I have been meaning to order Essie Van D´Go off Ebay for months! I don't have Peach Melba but from googling it seems that the Essie is pinker.

  3. I want a leather Pandora too. Yeah, i love how more casual they are. Although i have a silver Pandora, i don't wear it much. It is too fancy, like you said haha. Those shoes you've picked out are also gorgeous x

  4. @Catherine - The only thing is that the bad reviews on the website ARE BAD, but most of them are really positive! Ahh thank you, I'd really appericate it!

    @Lindsay - Ooh thanks for the link... very useful! They all look so different put together :)

    @Jessica - Haha I love that you think they're too fancy, no one knows what I mean usually!



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