Friday, 3 June 2011

My Online H&M Haul + Experience

Hello my loves,
I recently (well, no so recently as it turns out) ordered a few bits and piece online with H&M. If you didn't know, the H&M online store hasn't been up and running all that long... I ordered with caution because I'd heard some bad things about the service prior to putting in my order, anyway before I go on to my experience I'll show you what I got :)

Powder Patterned Playsuit, £12.99 £7.99
This playsuit featured in my most recent Months Most Wanted, so I was estatic when it went on sale on the website, I actually added this to my order a few days before it actually arrived. Love this! It's such a soft fabric, I had an idea that it was going to be slightly scratchy, idk why?!

White Basic V Neck T-Shirt, £4.99
I always need white v neck t-shirts, they really come in handy and I love the fit and quality of the H&M ones. They are perfect for summer because they're so light. Bit of a boring purchase!

Black Playsuit, £19.99
I think that has recently gone on sale for £10.99 or something like that... so go and grab yourselves a bargain! I adore this playsuit, the fabric is gorgeous... kind of silky and it fits like a dream, so flattering. This is a really food versatile summer piece, paired with some bright heels or wedges and some jewelery and it's good for night time, but with some relaxed gladiators you have a casual daytime piece as well. I'm obsessed with exposed zips, so love the back!

Pack Of Three Earrings, £3.99
Again, these have since gone on sale for £1.99... isn't it so annoying when that happens? Just 2 pairs of really simple studs and then a pair of feather earrings which are everywhere at the moment. They also had a pack with some brown feather earrings but I opted for white because you wouldn't be able to see brown with my hair.

Now onto my 'online experience'. Don't get me wrong, I love H&M it's always one of my go-to shops and I love everything I received... but they have some serious issues with their delivery and service in terms of the website. I placed my order on the 29th March, yes that was a long time ago! On the website they give you an estimated date of delivery, and it was originally 3-10 May... then it kept on moving further and further a way and delivery date estimated ended up at 9-10 June. I personally think this is terrible? Maybe it's just me, but bearing in mind you're paying £3.90 you don't expect delivery to take 2 months.

I sent them an e-mail and they told me it was because items I had order kept going out of stock... I also had a problem with this, why did they not order enough to compensate for online deliveries? Anyways rant over and my items came on the 3rd of June. Still disappointed with the delivery and I don't know how such a big company could get it so wrong. I know I'm not the only one because a lot of people have been telling me the same thing in comments or via Twitter. Anyway, my things are here now so I seem to have forgiven them! Haha.

What's your H&M online experience?


  1. I won't ever order online for H&M, i get annoyed if delivery takes over a week let alone a few months!

    I really don't understand how such a huge company can not cope with online ordering. I've never heard of any other companies having huge problems like this, so how did they get it so wrong?

  2. Great buys!
    Its so tempting to order some sale things, as i know i will never find them in store, but i cant wait for 2 months :/ xx

  3. I love that V-neck shirt, I've got one and I wear it the most out of all my shirts I think! :)

    But no I ordered from H&M, and I find that their quality is so hit and miss so I'll never do it again. Also, your story isn't uncommon either!

  4. I love the playsuit!

    I love H&M but would never order from their website after my experiance with them! xx

  5. I also have done a post about this. Luckily, my items came in quite good time but I know some people's who still havent got their orders from January.
    I haven't been happy either with their returns policy You have to ring up and ask for it to be picked up. No one came to pick up my stuff and I waited two days! Very annoying!
    Glad you like your items though! xx

  6. I saw that playsuit in the sale and wanted it but it was all sold out!
    I recently placed an order, got two £2.99 dresses in the sale and two tops, my order didn't go over £15!
    I do loe a bargain. Love the things you got :) xx

  7. I am always torn with H&M online because I love their items but hate their customer service with a passion! You got some nice bits though (eventually!!) xx

  8. Love the playsuits! H & M is one of my fave shops but I've read so many reviews of the online shop with people saying how ridiculously long delivery is. Such a shame! :/


  9. Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about your experience with H&M's store. I never really understood the point of ordering online from them since I live 5 minutes away from one by car!

    Anyways, you got some lovely things! I love everything, especially the playsuit :)

  10. @Fudgesmoothies - Me either! I could sort of understand it if it was a whole new online store + brand but it's H&M... they're massive! Lol.

    @Jen - Thank you :) Yeah I know :/ you never know whether it's worth taking the risk or not!

    @Yu - Yeah, I hear more and more people complaining about their H&M orders... it seems like they're getting worse rather than better :|

    @GoldenGloww - I don't think I will either. It's just so annoying when you see something online and it's not in your local store :( Lol.

    @Jess - That's so terrible! I kept thinking 'I hope I like the stuff I've ordered because there's no way I want to have to send them back'!

    @Olivia - Hmm, a lot of their sale things are out of stock... makes me wonder why they don't take them down from the website? Lol. £2.99 dresses though?! Bargain!

    @Zoe - Haha yeah, I'm not very good at holding grudges. As soon as the items came I had forgiveen them, lol.

    @Charlotte - Thank you :) Yeah it really is a shame!

    @Erica - Yeah I would've waited for the things I wanted to come into my local store if I had known how long I had to wait lol. & Thank you lovely :)


  11. Hey, what size did you get your playsuit in. I've just ordered one online in a size but worried it might me too short as my derriere always lifts shorts and skirts up thanks. I hope the size eight is okay i'm about 5"4.

  12. It's the Powdered Patterned Playsuit i'm talking about I just posted above.


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