Monday, 15 August 2011

My week in photographs

1,2,3,4,5: Did some boring shopping this week and I thought I would show the stuff here because it wasn't exciting enough for a haul, lol. Got a couple of pairs of shoes mainly for work - I really should learn my lesson and stop buying shoes from Primark but these were too cute! Also picked up the body spray + lotion duo from Hollister in Solana beach which is super fruity and is a repurchase (far too overpriced but I adore the smell), I've been looking for some new books recently and I asked for recommendations on twitter and I got these three :)

6: Obviously I couldn't talk about last week without mentioning the horrific riots. I don't usually watch the news, it just depressed me too much. However, over the few days of the riots I could not switch the news channels off, I watched in pure shock, it honestly sickened me.

7,8,9,10: I went to Pizza Express for lunch during the week with one of my best friends from college, Jess. I got a llegara pizza, where basically they cut the middle out and fill it with salad to make it healthier, lol! Jess went healthy too and ordered a ceaser salad... and of course we undid all of those healthy choices by getting the dough balls with nutella, what else? We didn't have one each btw, it's just two photos! Sorry for crappy Blackberry photos >.< another reason why I need an iPhone!

11,12: Most exciting part of the week? I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Eeek, I know - I got there in the end! It was actually my 4th time... my best advice to anyone who is struggling to pass their test is do not give up the feeling when you finally do it is amazing. And of course, my boyfriend being the wonderful person he is got me some flowers with a mixture of all my favourites! <3

Hope you all had amazing weeks!


  1. Oh my Goooddd LOVE Ceaser salad from Pizza Express, I never order anything else!

  2. Awww! eventful it seems :')
    Well done in passing your test! I'm hoping to pass mine asap
    gotta wait till december to start! :-)

  3. Well done on passing your driving test - I failed loads of times but didn't give up!

    Love this post! I want to try the dough balls with nutella.. I'm obsessed about the ones with butter <3 mmm xx

  4. i know what i'll be ordering when i go to Pizza Express soon with my 2 for 1 voucher. that caesar salad looks so nice! Well done on passing you're driving test, i passed a while ago now but i was also 4th time lucky. it's tough to now get yourself down and give up but you have to carry on xx

  5. Those are always the shopping bags I come home with after a shopping trip lol! Well done on passing your driving test :) xx

  6. Congratulations on passing your driving test!!! :D x x x

  7. Hi, thanks for the comment on my post the other day! In response to your question, I actually got the pendant from Tesco (florence + fred jewellery range) and it was reduced to £1.50 in the sale! Super bargainous! Lovely photos also, congrats on passing your driving test! xo

  8. Well Done on the driving test! It's such amazing feeling isn't it? The freedom is great, have fun driving on your own xo

  9. That food looked delicious, do let us know if you like the books, always looking for recommendations. I also don't usually watch the news either, much to my boyf's disgust bc it's always bad things, much prefer to catch up on my blogs! Big congrats on passing your test x

  10. Congrats on passing your driving test! I gave up after 10 or so lessons.. oops :/ xx

  11. @Victoria - I've never tried it before but I definitely will now!

    @Amy - Ahh well good luck when you do start, you'll love it I'm sure :)

    @Roshas - Haha, yaay. I think the worst thing I could've done would've been to give up! The nutella doughballs are amazing, you need them!

    @Samanth19 - Gotta love Pizza Express vouchers ;) Ahh yay, 4th timer! There was a point when I just felt like stopping but so glad I didn't

    @Sarah - Thank you!

    @Kirsty - Thank you so much

    @Fern - Oh wow, gonna head to Tesco soon and see if I can snap it up! Thank you :D

    @Jenna - Yes!! Feels so good, thank you <3

    @Stylestyle2010 - Yeah definitely, will probably do a really quick post when I finish each book :) Thank you!

    @Charlotte - Thank you hun, oh you should definitely start up again! It's so worth it :)

    @Shan - Thank youuu <3



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