Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My week in photographs

1,2,3,4: It's always been a long running joke that dean has cooked me dinner twice in the space of 3 years, so this week he decided he was going to learn how to make a pizza from scratch - and now he can't stop! The second attempt had cheesy stuffed crust, nomnom.
5: A gorgeous, yummy Sunday lunch made by combined effort of me and my Dad... love cooking with him!
6: Left over Indian takeaway... for breakfast please don't judge, lol!

7: I bought a car! So happy after finally passing my driving test I could not wait to get a car. It's actually pretty much the same exact car as my boyfriend's apart from it's 3 door instead of 5. I cringed at this fact... especially after seeing them parked next to each other! His & hers cars are something that will never catch on...
8: And of course, the perks of having a car are running over to McDonals to get a sausage and egg mcmuffin and two hash browns, as well as bags of sweets to keep in the car!

As well as all of that, I also picked up my A Level results and I got BCC (would've loved a BBC), which is enough to get into Uni to do Nursing next year... but now I don't know whether to go back to college until January to see if I can improve my results or spend the year doing voluntary work to go on my UCAS application :/ Advice?

I hope everyone got the results they wanted/needed and had a really great week :)


  1. If there's something you really want to do at uni that needs higher grades then you should go for it and try and get them! What you got is still really good though :) Congratulations on passing your driving test as well! xxx

  2. Left over takeaway for breakfast is the best thing ever ever ever, hah! Congratulations on passing your driving test and A levels :). If you've got the grades to do the course you want to do then I wouldn't bother trying to improve on them as most people say Alevels don't matter once you're in uni :) x

  3. Love the post- My boyfriend is currently looking for his first car too. It's so exciting finally becoming independant! xxx

  4. Congratulations! On both your driving test and your a levels :) xxx

  5. Well done on passing both your driving test and your A levels, it seems like you worked so hard!

    I'm also going to university in september to do nursing, i was just wondering which one you're going to? :) Are you doing the degree or the diploma ? xo

  6. The obligatory 'new car macca's run' is totally a right of passage! sounds like you had a great week.

    xo Ash


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