Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Umberto Giannini Enviable Body Blow dry spray

So once I'd purchased this blow dry spray, I popped on to Boots and looked up some reviews... it wasn't promising, a lot of people were complaining that it made their hair extremely sticky which made me a little worried to use it, but I did and here's what I thought...

I sprayed this into wet hair (as recommended) before blow drying and winced as I aimed the hair dryer at my head, expecting it to turn into some sticky mess. It didn't and I was thrilled! Until I realised that my hair looked exactly the same as it would have if I'd used no product at all. No volume, no body, no difference. I've tried this multiple times using different amounts of the product - but it's never made my hair sticky (or heavy surprisingly) but it's never made a difference to the volume either.

One positive thing I did notice about this spray though, was that it cut drying time in half. This is a big thing for me because usually it takes 15-20 minutes to completely dry my hair with a dryer, but with this spray it literally only took 5 minutes. One main reason I picked this up because it has heat protection built in... I'm normally good at remembering heat protection before styling, but not before drying!

So all in all, if you're looking for something to solely cut drying time + protect your hair from the heat then go for it, but don't expect any of the extra volume that it promises.

What's your favourite thing to create volume? (not dry shampoos)

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  1. What a let down on the volume front... I hate when my hair goes flat, especially as mine is quite fine! I quite like beachy waves in my hair as it's naturally straight, and for this I use VO5 Extreme Style, Surf Style.. Works a treat on my hair, though yours does look a bit thicker so you may need something stronger...



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