Thursday, 18 August 2011

Project 10 Pan: 6 down!

Hello :)
So I know that technically I failed my project 10 pan mission because I did have a bit of a splurge on the Elf website... but it was just an offer that could just not be missed! I'm sure you all agree? (Elf haul here). But yes, now I'm back onto finishing or hitting pan on 10 items, and I managed a 6th one just recently!

So the 6th product I've hit pan on is a blush from MAC in the shade Pink Swoon. In the pan, it looks pretty terrifying, but I promise once it's on it is not that bright! It is a Sheertone blush which does mean... well, just that! It's a colour I can see working for lots of people, of varying skin tones. I did have this MAC 6 blush palette full, but I've actually sold all of the others - so there must be something special about this one?

This is the only photo that really showed the colour on the cheek - apologies for it being such a crappy one, and I apologise again for the minimal make up + bad skin day. As you can see it's nothing too over the top or done up and it just gives a pretty flush :) I find myself reaching for the blush most days of the week - it just seems to work with anything!

This is a very heavy swatch, but you can see that it still isn't as bright as you expect it to be when you see it in the pan. I'd definitely recommend MAC blushes, they do last for a long time and are good quality. This shade is particularly pretty :)

What is your favourite MAC blush? What is you favourite blush of all time?


  1. Have heard alot about pink swoon blush, my sister bought it the other day which makes me want it even more! You look lovely, it really suits your skintone xo

  2. It looks really nice.. ! I'll probably will add it to my wishlist!

  3. What a pretty blush! Congrats on hitting pan (:

  4. That colour is so pretty! My favourite mac blush is probably 'Well Dressed' or 'So Sweet So Easy' but my favourite blush of all time is definitely Nars 'DeepThroat'! :) xxx

  5. Congrats on hitting the pan on Pink Swoon! :) I think it's a lovely color, but then I do tend to like crazy outrageous blushes! Your blog is lovely btw <3

  6. My fave MAC blush is Fleur Power, it's actually my only MAC blush and I love how pigmented it is and how it lasts all day. Pink Swoon looks lovely, must swatch it next time I'm out shopping x

  7. That colour is gorgeous, its so natural but quite nice :) xxx

  8. It looks really great, subtle and lovely!
    You have applied it so well too! :)

  9. Hi Natalie, I really love reading your blog and have given you a Blog Award :) xx

  10. @Fern - Haha, you should definitely get it!!

    @Zena - Lol, thank you!

    @Gaby - Thank you :D

    @Phoebe - Oh I've never heard of So Sweet So Easy, I'll have to have a nosey!

    @Summer - Aww thank you!!

    @Stylestyle2010 - I love fleur power, it's been on my wishlist forever!

    @Lovelain94 - Thank you :)

    @Dolly Daydream - Thank you hun <3

    @Cara Robinson - Thank you so much! Really means a lot :)



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