Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Project 10 Pan: 7 down!

Hello lovelies,
Another make up product hit pan! Finally, I only have 3 more items left until I can buy make up again! So the next product is a bronzer...

It's the NYC bronzer in the shade Sunny, which is a matte shade. This is the first bronzer I have ever hit pain on... and I bought this for literally about a pound and some pennies from Fragrance Direct. Unfortunately, this is what happened to my beloved bronzer whilst on it's last legs...

It's not too bad though, still useable! This is actually quite an orange toned bronzer, but don't all run away in horror, it doesn't look orange orange on the skin, it just gives a really nice warmth to the skin. Because it's matte it can also be used as contour which is probably my main use for it). So here it is on my skin as a contour (hollow of cheeks, temples, jawline) and very very lightly as bronzer (chin, nose, cheeks).

What is your favourite bronzer?!


  1. I love benefit's hoola :-)

  2. Wow, I have never EVER hit pan on a powder product! Congrats! I really want to try this bronzer someday (:

  3. I've never hit pan on a bronzer, well done aha! I love the Bourjois "chocolate" one but really want to try NARS Laguna xx

  4. Wow, such dedication! haha! keep it up :) <3

  5. i love this bronzer!

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  6. Great on you for keeping with the project 10 pan...I failed terribly for the second time. I have that bronzer but haven't really given it a great try yet...will have to reach for it more often.

  7. I always think of trying Project 10 Pan then see something I want & change my mind! xx


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