Sunday, 7 August 2011

My week in photographs

1: I ordered 3 votive/sampler Yankee Candles from Yankee Direct and I'm loving them! I got Clean Cotton, Bahama Breeze and Fluffy Towels. In general, scents like 'clean cotton' are my favourites because they're so fresh but comforting at the same time. Really wanted to try Soft Blanket but it was out of stock :(

2,3: Who remembers this post here about my cat getting wasted on catnip? Well I found another cat that seems to be equally as wasted... although he's more of a sleepy catnip drunk. This is my boyfriend's nan's cat Bobby who is a Persian.
4: Been trying to eat bigger and better breakfasts to stop me getting so hungry in the day. Lovely bit of quorn bacon and scrambled eggs, accompanied by ketchup and black pepper, nom. I'm not a vegetarian but quorn bacon is honestly delicious try it if you haven't!
5: A Graze box was popped through the letterbox and I've never had one I haven't liked, it was particularly yummy this week. If you want a free box to try out just use the code 21PDYGM :)

6: Ben & Jerry's ice cream, need I say more? Love and happiness can always be found at the bottom of one of these tubs ;)

7,8,9,10: The fam and I have a tradition of going out for dinner on the first Thursday of each month. We went to Miller and Carter's which is my absolute favourite place to eat (it's a steakhouse/grill). Sharing nachos to start, followed by steak <3 I'm very manly when it comes to eating :L a nice lump of meat and I'm good to go... I was considering adding half a rack of ribs but I'm glad I didn't - major food baby when I got home!

Hope every one's weeks have been fab! What have you got up to?


  1. I ordered some votive sampler candles from eBay, be warned they only last a couple of hours and get wax EVERYWHERE! it's best to buy one of the full or med-size candles once you've picked the scent you like best - the clean cotton one is absolutely amazing! :)

  2. Scrambled eggs with wholemeal toast & a glass of orange juice is the perfect breakfast ever! Also, Ben & Jerry's = nom :) x

  3. Yankee Candles are my favourites. The big ones last ages and I find they just have the perfect 'clean' smell xx

  4. I love Yankee's, but they are a little on the expensive side :/
    Never seen that ben and jerry's flavour before- looks lovely!! x

  5. Awesome scents :) ! My local Yankee Candle store was having a huge sale last month and I ended up getting loads of votives and tarts for $1 each! & i've never seen that Ben and Jerries flavor before, it looks amazing!

  6. Fluffy Towels and Clean Cotton are actually my favourite Yankee candle scents at the moment! I got these samples too a month ago and I completely agree. Such a comforting scent. :)


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