Friday, 5 August 2011

What I Bought: Primark

Hello :)
I had to go the Orthodontists yesterday which is in town, and of course I couldn't not go shopping. Although I would've loved to of had a massive spree in H&M (because I love everything that's in there at the moment), Primark is all that my budget could stretch to. This is what I bought over 2 seperate occasions...

Cobalt Blue Sheer Shirt, £10.00
This has technically already been featured on my blog but I haven't really showed it so yup, here it is, lol. I love these shirts from Primark, - I have it in nude as well. Would love to have every colour! I think £10 is expensive for Primark (anywhere else I would be thrilled) for what it actually is though...

Peach Sheer Tiered Blouse, £8.00
Another sheer blouse! Really am loving them. There are similar ones in H&M and Topshop but this one was much cheaper. But again, for what it is? £8? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just being stingy because I'm trying to save ;)

Black Duffle Style Coat, £18.00
I know, I know... a coat in August? Maybe it was because it was absolutely pouring hard with rain when I went shopping? I liked to be prepared and my coat from last year is a little bit worse for wear and has gone all bobbly... HATE when that happens. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of the bobbles or prevent them?

Small Quilted Bag, £6.00
I love these sorts of bags for nights out, big enough for essentials but with a strap! I'm not good with clutch bags, I always forget to pick them up (perhaps that's alcohol). Bargain for £6! It did have a fabric bow attached to the strap but I cut it off because it was eurgh.

Skull Charm Necklace, £1.50
Silver Wing Earrings, £1.00
Wrap Around Snake Ring, £2.00
Double Finger Leaf Ring, £2.00
How amazing is Primark jewellery right now? I love skulls. And the wing earrings really reminded me of these from ASOS and the leaf ring reminded me of this from ASOS as well. Loving them <3

So that's what I picked up! Hope you like it :)


  1. Great haul :) im going shopping today and this post has really got me excited about going to primark as i havent been in so long! Love both tops you bought! :) xxxx

  2. The jewelerry is fab :)
    Much love H

  3. I'm loving the jewellery. Will defos be getting stocked up before holidays!

  4. Love the jewellery and the tops :) X

  5. Love it all :) The tops are gorgeous, such lovely bright colours too x

  6. I love the tiered crop tops from primark! i have two already but definitely want to pick up more as they look great with a vest top underneath and a bit of jewellery! xx

  7. i love the peach vest, it's so pretty. I had a similar black coat from primark last year and it went bobbly and rough too, i hate that! xxx

  8. I love the peach vest! The quilted bag is lovely too :) x

  9. You got some lovely stuff, Primark really do have some nice stuff these days but the prices can get abit expensive for what they are. I love the second peach blouse you bought and the leaf double ring :) xx

  10. Love the blue shirt! I'll be looking out for that haha :)

  11. I love the blue top!! the colour is so gorgeous <3 I havent been to primark in a while, but i may have to pop in, the blouses are lovely! x

  12. Ooo I so so want them wing earrings! Can't find them anywhere!!!!!!!

  13. love the two tops and the wing earrings! :) x

  14. Great buys.. I really love Primark at the moment too!

  15. @Dainty Dollymix - Aah, you'll love it in there atm, they've got some good pieces in :)

    @Hannah - Thank you!

    @Rachel - Primark is perfect for holiday things, it's so cheap you don't care if it gets covered in suncream and sand, haha

    @Catherine & Steph - Thanks girlies

    @Sarah - yeah! they're so easy to wear :)

    @Fern - Thank you :) I should really learn and buy a decent coat but meh...

    @Jessica - I agree, anywhere else and the prices would be reasonable... but come on you're PRIMARK! Lol. Thank you!

    @Molly - They have them in loads of different colours, definitely my Primark recommendation atm!

    @DaintyMakeup - I love cobalt as well, I have so much stuff in the same colour! Definitely pop in, they've got some nice stuff in atm :)

    @Ami - Ooh, I'm sure you'll find them... you just have to get there on a good day lol. Either that or rummage :L

    @Emily & Carina - Thank you <3


  16. Love the jewellery, especially the skull necklace xx


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