Saturday, 12 November 2011

Chelsea Boots

In October's Most Wanted post, I mentioned that I was really lusting over the Topshop Chelsea boots. I really am loving Chelsea boots - heeled ones, flat ones, they just go with absolutely everything. But I managed to save myself from spending the £36 on some Topshop ones and managed to find these ones for a fraction of the price...

I actually much prefer these ones to the Topshop ones, I love the rouching and it makes them look a little bit more worn. They're super comfortable and actually keep my feet warm for the winter! And where are they from? F&F at Tesco!! They were just £15 and I love them.

You can find them on the website here. Have you got yourself a pair of Chelsea boots?


  1. I've wanted Chelsea boots for ages, I can't believe these were only £15! I'm definitely going to head to Tesco and try and get my hands on them :) xxx

  2. these look just like the topshop ones! defo making a trip to tesco today! :) thanks! xx

  3. What an amazing find! I just checked out Tesco actually, I always forget about them (maybe because I don't have a big tesco near me!) and I spotted the heeled chelsea boots. AMAZING. Might have to purchase these.xx

  4. WOW definitely need these in my life! xx

  5. Im gutted I spent £36 on the topshop one's now i've come across these!! what a bargain!! Enjoy your new boots :) xx

  6. currently buying them - amazing! :)x


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