Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I spent some ££...

Had a little shop with my Mum last week and I picked up some more wintery pieces which are keeping me nice and cosy, even though the weather has been quite mild! To think we had snow this time last year is a little bit mental...

Zip Pocket T-Shirt | H&M £7.99
Really simple piece... I'm a fan of pointless pockets on the chest, lol, and I love the zip detail. It's a really nice light, jersey (?) material. I'm dying to get this in the pinky/rose/nude colour as well because the fit is so flattering, and so cheap!

Navy Cable Knit Cardigan | Primark £14.00
Love this cardigan! It's so cosy and looks a lot more expensive than Primark (they also have it in cream which looks identical to the Topshop and New Look ones). The only thing  that lets it down is the buttons really - they're supposed to look like those grandad leather ones, but are really plastic.

Grey Heavy Knit Jumper | Zara £25.95
Cannot express my love for this jumper enough. Zara is a store I often wander in to but never really buy anything. I made an exception for this jumper though. It's just a regular knit jumper but the sleeves are cable knit. LOVE. They also have it in cream and camel, camel is next on my list.

Lace Skater Dresses (Cream and Black) | H&M £14.99
I'm not normally someone who buys the same thing in a variation of colours, but I adored these dresses and I couldn't decide between the two. The fit and shape of these dresses are so, so flattering. Plus for £30 for two dresses, how could I possibly resist? Already go so much wear out of these! The cream one with a biker leather jacket and 80 derniers is a-mazing.

Bourjois Mineral Radiance Powder, £9.49 | Revlon Nail Polish 'Facets of Fuschia', £6.49
Been meaning to pick up the Bourjois powder for an age, it was in one of my Month's Most Wanted and I really do love it. The Revlon nail polish speaks for itself really doesn't it? Seriously... just look at it.

And that's what I've picked up lately!


  1. I was eyeing up those skater dresses in h&m the other day, they are beautiful! xx

  2. I love the t-shirt with the zip, might have to get one of those!
    The jumper looks lovely and cosy x

  3. Love everything you bought :) That Zara jumper is gorgeous! Never bought anything from there and think the high neck will look stupid on me... but I still want it haha
    Love the pictures down the side of your blog by the way! Great idea to add more detail and personality :) x

  4. I'm dying for the Revlon Nail Polish! xxx

  5. I've been to two Primarks and haven't managed to find myself a cable knit cardigan. They look lovely. x

  6. @Leanne Marie - They fit so well! You definitely should pick one up :)

    @Erin Elise - I wear mine several times a week! Haha! Yess omg it gets so hot wearing that jumper lol.

    @Louise - I thought that too but it actually looks nice! Especially with some sort of necklace :) And thank you :D

    @Jessica - It's sooo pretty in the bottle, I hope it's as nice on!

    @Sarah - Keep searching, they're well worth it :)


  7. Love the zara cardigan! :)


  8. I love your haul! I especially love the Zara cardi :) xx

  9. I really want a big knit cardigan so I think a trip to Primark is needed! The cream lace skater dress is beautiful aswell! And I've also been meaning to pick up Facets of Fuschia :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__


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