Friday, 18 November 2011

NYX Concealer in a Jar

I've just completely used up NYX's Concealer in a Jar, so I thought it was about time to do a review. I feel a little bit sick when I look at the amount of make up I own and the amount of money I must've spent on it all... so now I'm trying to use up products completely before I buy a new one.

This concealer actually really reminds of a mix between MAC Studio Sculpt concealer and Studio Finish concealer. It has amazing coverage and is very opaque but I wouldn't say it was as heavy as Studio Finish. It melts really quickly when used with fingers and is easily blended (in that respect it's very similar to Studio Sculpt). I've used this under the eye a few times and I personally think it works better on blemishes as I did find it a tad cakey on the delicate skin under the eye. Also used this on my eyelids as a primer and I found it creased big time. If you're looking for something to cover blemishes, redness and spots I can't fault this concealer.

I buy all of my NYX products on Cherry Culture, which does come with a bit of a hefty delivery fee but if you buy a few things at a time it's really cost effective. It retails for $4.50 on Cherry Culture which equals around £2.83 which is an utter steal. Really recommend this concealer!

What's your must-have concealer?

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  1. I placed an order for a few NYX products the other week and I'm already regretting not adding the concealer to my order! I decided not to because I wasn't sure which shade to choose but I should've just made a guess! x


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