Sunday, 6 November 2011

My week in photographs

Obviously Saturday was fireworks night in the UK, which is probably my 2nd favourite holiday - the smell of bonfires and the sound of fireworks is <3 Can someone please explain to me why fireworks are so damn hard to photograph?? Don't judge!  |  Nice candlelit dinner in a pretty pub/bistro/restaurant.  |  Angry Birds docking station!!  |  Bunch of mushrooms growing on the side of the street, I felt compelled to take a photo because it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland?  |  Now the nights are getting colder, Peanut spends a lot of her time chilling cozying on my bed with me, how do cats look so comfortable all of the time??

Hope you all enjoyed fireworks night (if you celebrate it) tell me what the highlight of your week was! :)


  1. There was a time when I was obsessed with photographing mushrooms. I'm slowly being reminded of this now. Love that photo. :p

  2. I didn't go to see any fireworks, but seeing your picture's has made me feel like I did!
    Love the kitty too, so so cute!x

  3. @Sarirah - Possibly my favourite comment on the year! LOL

    @k f e d l a n d - Ah no :( I'm glad you got to enjoy mine thoguh haha.



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