Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blushed Lips

A while ago now I showed you two cream blushers that I bought from NYX (you can see them in this haul here). And whilst I adore the formula, I really can't fault it, one of the shades just wasn't cutting it for me...

The shade in question is Boho Chic, I found that it just made my skin look very dull and a little bit greyish. It also has small shimmers in it, and I usually favour the matte blush variety. Like I said - the formula is beautiful and I use the shade 'Natural' quite regularly (much more often than I anticipated). It's not greasy, but doesn't dry to a powder either, so leaves a nice sheen/glow.

Anyway, not to fear, I have put Boho Chic to good use and for the past 2/3 weeks it's been my go-to lip colour. I think the reason why these NYX cream blushes make such good lip product though is because they don't dry to a powder formula, they look glossy on the lips and are not drying at all - something I was worried about. So here it is in action...

Are there any cheek products you like to use on your lips? Or a lipstick you use as a cream blush??


  1. This looks lovely as a lipcolour!
    It's like the perfect colour I would aim for, and your lashes look very long :) xx

  2. This is gorgeous!
    What a great idea- I want this blush now just for lip purposes :D xx

  3. It looks so nice as a lip colour! I'm yet to find a perfect pink blush, I think I'm just much more suited to warmer colours or corals haha. I quite like Topshop's Head Over Heels as a lip colour, with Stila's Kitten on top for some shine (: xx

  4. Ah wow this looks lovely. I think I def need to pick this up! :-) xx

  5. So pretty! And kudos for finding a new use for something that didn't work in the right place! xxx


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