Sunday, 13 November 2011

My week in photographs

Finally got a chance to catch up on both of the 2hr specials that were Kim's Fairytale Wedding, and wasn't it just that? Seriously every little girls dream of a wedding. I can't help but loose (the little) respect I had for her... I adore her and I think she's beautiful but the whole wedding shenanigan has touched a nerve with me, maybe it's because I never liked Kris? Kourtney is my new fave. Oh I'm so fickle.

Went out with one of my besties Kelly during the week, had a right old feast at lunchtime in the Harvester; can't resist the salad bar, HELLO BACON BITS. In a spur of the moment thing I went down to the horse stables with her (she has a horsie... we weren't being weird) and as a result this is the state of my Chelsea boots. Hoping this comes out in the wash!

Amazing fry up breakfast I cooked for myself with fried bread, ketchup and brown sauce in tow. - Amazing new Frijj milkshake that is delicious, if a little sickly. - Was craving these badboys, can anyone say Christmas? And no your eyes are not deceiving you, you only get four in this box. for £1.39. I feel robbed. Although perhaps it's a good thing after looking at the calorie content of the milkshake [450kcal]! - More! magazine is my favourite trashy (?) celeb mag, if not purely for the Men Overheard page at the back... never fails to amuse.

So here I am... belly full of Lindor Lindts and Honeycomb Choc Swirl milkshake whilst flicking through More! and getting through my backlog of youtube videos. Apologies to anyone who was on a diet reading this post!


  1. I love this post! I'm craving some Lindt now! x

  2. Have yet to see Kim's wedding! And Khloe is my fave!:D x

  3. Oh Lindor. I've missed you.
    Sounds like a glorious week - esp that yummy fry up :)

  4. I am SO jealous you got to watch the wedding. I was babysitting a few weeks ago, and managed to catch the first half. Then missed the second!
    Eek at your boots too, but hopefully they'll come out in the wash.. but hey, they were such a cheap price, you could get some more ;-) x

  5. I keep seeing this milkshake on the shelf and I want to try it oh os badly. Milkshake? Love. Honeycomb? Love.
    Shame all the basic flavours are on offer but they've kept the price of these newuns up though



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