Sunday, 9 January 2011

Elf haul

Hello sweets,
I've been craving an Elf haul for well before Christmas, but I thought with some of the money I got I'd put in a sneaky little Elf haul ;) Of course, up to £30 for free delivery... companies really suck me in with free delivery! Makes me feel like I've saved money, which is entirely not true but I never learn! I'll start with the usual line (the £1.50 line, with white packaging). 

I ordered one hypershine gloss, which is the top product, in the shade 'Mauve', and as you can see... not very mauve! The bottom two items are luscious liquid lipsticks, the middle shade is 'Baby Lips' and the bottom shade is 'Strawberry'.

So what's the difference between the hypershine gloss and the luscious liquid lipstick? Well the hypershine gloss is the one on the far left, and the applicator is a brush. Whereas, the luscious liquid lipsticks have this spongy type applicator... what are these things called?!
ALL £1.50 EACH

I also ordered a eyelash + brow wand and a brow comb and brush... mainly to pad out the order to get it up to the £30, but also because I've been using the brow comb on the end of my Rimmel brow pencil for far too long, and it's a state. Plus they're so cheap!
BOTH £1.50

Eyebrow Treat + Tame in 'Medium', studio line £3.50
Mineral Lip liner in 'Peachy', mineral line £3.00
Mineral Lipstick in 'Rosy Raisin', mineral line £3.50

Mineral Blush in 'Bliss', mineral line £3.50
Nail Polish in 'Desert Haze', £1.50
Superglossy Lip Shine in 'Candlelight', regular line £1.50

Make up mist, studio line £3.50
Daily Brush Cleaner, studio line £3.50
Really impressed with the packaging of these items, feels really expensive and looks sleek! Really excited to see how these two compare to the MAC products... I'm hoping they're going to be better because they're loaaaads cheaper!

Swatches/reviews are on their way! But if there are any products that you particularly want swatches and reviews for I'll try and get them up first. What are your favourite items from Elf?


  1. i like babylips, it gives a subtile hint of pinkyness and tastes minty and yummy! lol
    i bought the eyebrow treat and tame a while ago but it's too reddish for my eyebrows :(

    i love elf's studio blush and contouring duo! also looove their studio brushes! xx

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cream eyeliners from ELF, I use my black one almost daily and i favour it above my pencil and liquid eyeliners.


    I might sneak in a little Elf haul when I get my student loan (hopefully tomorrow...)


  3. Can't wait for the reviews! I'm excited to see how good the lipliner is. I've never used lipliner before but i've been looking for one for a while so if your review's good, this could be a nice cheap one for me to start off with :)


  4. Interested to see how good the brush cleanser is! Great haul :) xx

  5. I love the look of the Elf lipstick & eyeliner! May just have to try it..
    Can't wait to see the swatches Natalie :)

    -Sriya xx
    Lipgloss And Leopard Print

  6. I'd love to see swatches of them lipglosses and if you can show it as a full face picture not just the lips as sometimes you can see the full intensity that way. But they look really nice colours!! xx

  7. I love elf's studio brushes alot of them feel the exact same as my mac ones :)
    gorgeous post!! x

  8. Oooh I love a good ELF haul! Their Studio brushes are awesome.
    Great blog
    Zoe x
    Click here for my blog, Diamond Solitaire

  9. Are these products any good? Would love to try them out as they've so reasonabley priced! Great post! x

  10. Hi just wondering what you thought of the mist and brush cleaner?? was just about to put an order in but would love to know what you thought before i buy - thanks x

  11. @Sarah, I see what you mean about the treat & tame, and I'm really enjoying baby lips :)

    @Laura Jaye - Ooh yeah I have the cream liner and use it almost daily! I think I might pick up some other colours...

    @DaintyMakeUp - I'll be sure to get some reviews up soon!

    @Nicki - So far I'm really impressed with the brush cleanser, but there will be a review soon :)

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - I really recommend the mineral lipsticks, they're great quality. I'm so sorry there is a delay on the swatches :(

    @Lisa - Yeah I will get to it as soon as I can, I'm hoping they'll be up shortly but it's really hard to get good lighting seeing as though it gets dark so early :(

    @R May A - I love Elf's brushes, they're really reliable but affordable! I haven't been dissapointed with one yet

    @Zoe - Who doesn't love an Elf haul? ;) Thank you!

    @this fashion lark - Reviews will be up shortly, sorry for the delay, I have so much studying... Which sucks!

    @Claire - So far the mist works pretty much the same as Fix+ and I'm really loving the brush cleaner! Full reviews will be up soon



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