Thursday, 20 January 2011

In a knot...

Hey everyone,
I've always thought that my hair looks better in hairstyles that involve my hair being down and flowing, with a few grips or plaits to jazz it up sometimes. I just don't think I look right with my hair up... but when I'm slobbing around the house I do just chuck it up in a messy bun or something similar. But generally, I don't like having my hair up and away from my face. However, I've seen top knots everywhere lately... and I really like how they look, so I thought I'd try and rock it today, and have vowed to keep my hair like this all day. I want to get out of my boring hair rut!

I actually messed it up a bit and roughed it up after I took the pictures because it was a bit too polished for my liking ;) So have you tried out the top knot? Are you someone that has always got their hair up or down?


  1. This looks like something suitable for a proper evening setting. I usually have my hair down since I don't want to thin out my hair but since I cook for my hubby, I like messy buns! :)

    I wonder how it looked like after you roughed it up a tad. :P

  2. Looks gorgeous! I used to always have to have my hair down but now I love putting my hair up in a knot! It's so much easier than sitting styling my hair! :)


  3. Your hair looks lovely like this :)
    I really wish i could get my hair into a top knot, but its too short at the mo. boo. x x

  4. It looks lovely and just how shiny is your hair?!
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  5. This looks really nice!
    i put mine up in a knot like this,keeps its out of the way when im in the house :)x

  6. @Toni Tralala - That's why I roughed it up a bit after... it looks a bit formal! I will probably do another post in the near future of my messy one :) lol

    @Natalie - Thank you! Haha yeah, it's so much easier to stick it up than wear it down all the time

    @Tess - Thanks! Ahh no, short hair looks so chic though! I almost chopped mine not long ago...

    @Zoe - Thank you, is it shiny?? Maybe L'Oreal gave my hair it's mojo back ;) lol

    @Laura - Thanks hun :)


  7. Looks lovely Nat! I never have my hair up I don't know why I just can't be bothered to put it up, I know I'll be faffing about with it all day xx


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