Thursday, 27 January 2011

Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Baby Lips

Hello cuppycakes,
So I'm slowly but surely getting through the swatches from my Elf haul, again I can only apologise... this month is a bit crazy for me but my usual blogging will be resumed shortly. I miss doing face of the day's! But I've basically just kept it simple with a winged liner most days, which doesn't make for a very exciting read, lol! So anyway, I've swatched one of the 'luscious liquid lipsticks' today, the shade baby lips.

So the 'liquid lipstick' comes in this long, clear (cheap) plastic looking tube, which twists at the bottom to release the lipgloss from the sponge applicator. I actually really like these types of applicators, I just which the packaging was a bit nicer... but what can you do for £1.50??

So I did a close up of just the lips, as well as a full face shot because I think people find them more useful - sorry I look so moody!! To me, this isn't a 'liquid lipstick', when I hear that phrase I think of a very thick but creamy formulation... this is basically just a gloss.The colour of this is quite sheer... a very light baby pink. This is swatched over the top of concealer to blank out my natural lip colour because my lips are naturally very pigmented...almost red! The formula isn't at all sticky, which is quite surprising and the gloss does stay glossy for a good amount of time - 3 hours and it smells very minty. I love minty smells! The only downfall for me is that the colour payoff isn't great, I like a lot of pigmentation in lip products as my lips are so dark. However, this could be a blessing for those that just want a pretty pink sheen on their lips :)


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  2. Thank you for the review! Very helpful! :)


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