Sunday, 16 January 2011

Maybelline - Dream Satin Liquid foundation

Hello my beauts,
I'm so sorry I haven't put up a post in a while, I'm in the middle of exams at the moment and spend every spare minute revising. Also been trying to fit in a bunch of driving lessons because my test is rapidly approaching (eeek!). So now my 'please forgive me for neglecting you' speech is over, I'm going to do a review on a foundation I showed in this haul a little while ago. I got a few comments asking for a review/whether it was any good... and it's the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation.

First off the bat, I really like the packaging. It's simple and sleek but feels quite expensive as the bottle is  made of thick glass. I'm always happy with clear bottles because you get to see when you're running out (and the foundation doesn't cling to the inside like Colorstay!). Also... it has a pump, one that doesn't make the foundation come out in squirts! Need I say more? 

So Maybelline describe this as 'Air-whipped foundation, air-brushed finish' sounds appealing, right? If I'm 100% honest with you, I wasn't entirely sure about this foundation. I wasn't expecting all that much because I bought it on a whim! I was little bit worried about the word 'satin' as someone who suffers from oily skin... but it actually leaves a pretty matte finish in my opinion, not too matte and does let some of your natural glow and skin texture through. The coverage surprised me too, I'd say it's medium-full and blends over blemishes seamlessly.

As I mentioned, I have oily skin and that usually poses a problem with how long foundations last on me and how much oil they let come through. This foundation is actually quite long lasting, as long as I blot or powder during the day. It doesn't make me too shiny, but I do get a bit of an oily T-zone at about 2/3pm and I apply my foundation at 7am. But this is nothing a bit of powder can't sort out. As long as I make sure I sort out the oily zones, it stays basically the same way I applied it. If you do get oily and don't blot/powder the make up does start to slip in those places so do watch out for that. Another thing I found with this foundation is that it does transfer quite a bit, so be careful when placing your head on your other half's newly washed white t-shirt! Lol.

Overall I'm really fond of this foundation and I think it's made it's way into the top 5 drugstore foundations I've tried, and I'm normally so fussy with foundations. I just wish it didn't transfer as much! And unfortunately doesn't have any SPF. It's really readily available, all drugstores carry it and even some supermarkets and is really affordable at £8.19. If you want to know anything else... ask away :)


  1. I tried this a few weeks ago when I couldn't afford to re-buy MAC studio fix after i smashed it (cry).
    I really liked it, although it DID make me a little bit shiney but this looks good if its for a night out - kind of dewy
    i really liked your review! nice one :) xxxxxx

  2. Great review, I love trying out new foundation so I will keep an eye out for this and see if they have a shade pale enough :P. Good luck with your driving test!! xo

  3. Ooooh, great review! I'm not a wearer of foundation, but I'm trying to find a perfect foundation for prom, and as this has no SPF (don't want that white cast on photos..), it might be good for my purpose :) And good luck with your driving test! xx

  4. @Eliza - Yeah that's the only problem is that it doesn't have fantastic shine control, but it's still an overall good foundation for the price!

    @Emma - I love trying out foundation too, always thinking that they're must be the perfect one out there somewhere, haha. Thanks alot :)

    @Nicki - Thank you, ooh yeah this would be really great for you, this foundation doesn't cast a white shadow which is great for flash photography :) Hope you have a great prom! Thank you girlie



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