Thursday, 6 January 2011

BooHoo order

So in this post here, I showed a few skirts that I really liked... Including some ones from BooHoo which afterwards, went on sale. I saw it as the perfect opportunity and ordered away! They did take a while to get here but I kind of understood because of the snow and all of the bank holidays. So these are the two skirts I ordered...

Rose + Polka dot skirt £5.00 on sale

I love this skirt... the print, the fabric and the style. I was really excited to get it and thought I'd pair it with a crisp white t-shirt, black blazer and tights. However there is a big problem that I have with BooHoo... and it's their sizing! I don't know if you have ever experienced this, and please tell me if you have... but their sizes always seem to come up small. As a size 10/12 I thought Medium/Large would be fine. It wasn't. Even when I took the skirt out of the packet I could see how small it was! Although it's stretchy it looks like a size 8!! Gutted that I'm going to have to send this back...

Studded body con skirt, £8.00 in the sale

Again, I love this skirt when I got it out, it has a zip down the back and has a little bit of stretch. But again... the size is a little bit wrong. It's much better than the first and does seem about right, I ordered a size 12 but I'd say this is more of a size 10. I think this would fit the average size 12... but I have natural wide hips (a blessing and curse at the same time). Great for child bearing... not great for finding things that fit well! So unfortunately... this too will have to go back :(

So when ordering from BooHoo take this into consideration, it's not just the skirts either... when I ordered some jeggings before they seemed a bit tight and a few of my friends have said the same things. The tops I've ordered in the past have been fine. I really recommend the website though, the clothes are really nice and affordable (but don't feel or look cheap) I'd just say get a size bigger than you usually would. Have you found this with BooHoo or is it just me?


  1. Oh darn! I'm "blessed" with wide hips too -- means I'll have to go up a size when ordering from my beloved BooHoo -- NOT COOL!

    Great skirts though!

    Katie x

  2. That bodycon skirt is beyond gorgeous! I love it x

  3. I definitely find Boohoo's skirts and stuff are super small, but for some reason their dresses are always pretty much true to size which is weird.

    Those skirts are so pretty, and such great prices! xo

  4. Ah I want that bodycon skirt!


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