Sunday, 2 January 2011

Welcoming 2011 with open arms

Hello lovelies,
Just want to start off this post by saying the obvious... Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing, but safe, New Years and are looking forward to 2011, I hope it brings us all health, laughter and great experiences.

I did actually have two posts scheduled for Friday and Saturday but as always, my schedules don't usually run to plan ;) I was setting about finishing the 30 day tag, entirely skipping Day 27 (describe this month) because it was mainly filled with the usual Christmassy things, and plenty of revision. Day 28 is to describe your year, which I think lends itself perfectly...

For me, 2010 wasn't a 'stand-out' year but nor was it bad. There were some ups, and there were some downs. But 2010 really went so quickly! When I look back I can barely remember anything that happened, it's such a blur!
-- My driving test was cancelled due to the snow
-- I got another gorgeous baby nephew
-- My AS exam results weren't all that pleasing
-- My Mum moved back to Brighton after living up north
-- Braces were taken off!

And that's pretty much all that I can really remember from 2010! My favourite picture of the year?

And onto day 29 of the 30 day tag, my hopes for the next year. Well, to be honest I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, because I think if there's something you want to do, or change then there really is no time like the present. 2011 for me, is a year in which I'm going to have to work super hard in, to get the grades I want and apply for university (successfully). There are a few other things I want to achieve though...
-- Get healthy, I'm going to get a cross trainer!
-- Reach my goal of long, healthy hair
-- Study reaaaally hard
-- Pass my driving test
-- Think carefully and smartly about clothes purchases

Do you make resolutions? What are they? Hope you've all had a wonderful start to the year so far, I'm sorry that I couldn't post yesterday! Make the best of the bank holiday guys :)


  1. My AS results weren't that good either, what do you want to do at Uni?
    Normally I make resolutions but I'm not this year because of how busy it's going to be! Definitely the most important year of my life to date.

  2. That picture is brilliant!

    I've decided on one main goal for 2011 - loose weight, and lots of it!

    Have a great year and keep posting!

    Katie x

  3. lol I got a cross trainer last year and had to send it back because i couldnt get the foot 'things' to rotate!! it was so heavy. I got an exercise back instead and its crap. I want one of those glider thingys but the counters on the front are NEVER accurate! Maybe i'll save for a tredmill instead. hmmm

    Happy New Yr! xx

  4. @Louise - Ooh, it's so deflating isn't it?! Are you doing retakes? I want to do a nursing degree :) So fingers crossed I get better grades this time round! And good luck to you too :)

    @kt_gray_3 - Good luck with your weight loss... Don't go too crazy with it though hun, stay healthy!

    @xDiamondsandPearlsx - I was thinking about a treadmill, but I think I'd give up with one of those! When I used to go to the gym I mainly used the rowing machine, cross trainer and exercise bike. Happy New Year to you aswell :)


  5. Yeah I am, English Language and Psychology in the Summer! x


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