Saturday, 8 January 2011

MAC - The Faeire Glen

Hello guys,
So I wanted to do some reviews and swatches of some of the products from this haul here. Today I thought I'd do one of my favourite lipsticks I featured in that haul which has now become one of my favourites of all time! I feel like maybe this post is a little bit pointless because the lipstick is from the MAC collection A Tartan Tale, but I think you can still get most of the items. This is actually my first collection item and it's the lipstick 'The Faeire Glen'.

This lipstick is described as 'a pale neutral pink' on the website, and is a Lustre finish. I love Lustre finishes, other than Cremesheen they are my favourite. You don't need a gloss over the top if you don't want because they give such a pretty sheen to the lips. They're so soft and glide onto the lips, which means they're nourishing too. The only downside is Lustre's don't often have a great amount of colour payoff, but the colour is always buildable. So here are the swatches...

It's a really great nude for me... doesn't wash me out too much, not too orange and not too pink. Literally love this lipstick! I've heard that's it's similar to Hue lipstick, so when this runs out I'ma have to get myself that bad boy!

Did any of you guys order from the A Tartan Tale collection? What was your favourite item? I really wished I'd order the lipstick 'Cut A Caper' too, if it's still on the website I might just have to click the buy button! Oh MAC, how you rinse my bank account!


  1. Gorgeous FOTD! I love the way you do your eyeliner! xx

  2. Really gorgeous. Too light for me unfortunately :(
    I didn't end up ordering from the collection. I actually really never took a good look at it.

  3. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - Thank you! Literally couldn't live without liquid/gel/cream eyeliner!

    @FunnyFaceBeauty - Ahh shame it's too light for you :( I never did and then was browsing on the site and was quite pleasantley surprised!



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