Monday, 17 January 2011

Small haul

Hello lovers,
So I quietly put myself on a make up spending ban at the beginning of the year, until the end of January - well that's the plan anyway! (the Elf haul doesn't count because I ordered it before Christmas!). However, I seem to have totally made up for it shopping for other things! Ain't that just the way it goes? At the weekend I went shopping with the boy and saw two bits that I wanted, but left them. When I got home they kept flashing into my mind and I finally caved in and went into town today to pick up those TWO bits. *Surprisingly* I came home with more...

New Look £19.99 £14.99
I've had my eye on these suede wedges for long before Christmas, and I'm sure you've all seen them around blogger and youtube. I popped into New Look to lust over them and I couldn't resist. When I got to the till I was over the moon that they've been put down by a fiver!

Primark £5.00
Okay so this is a bit of a weird one, I'm aware of that, haha! But I'm on a bit of a health kick right now (I lost 3 lbs last week though dieting alone) and my 30 day shred came in the post along with another fitness DVD. It's really important to have support in the boobage area when working out and I thought this was cheap and cheerful... let's see how it works!

Primark £10.00
I'm loving the whole pussybow thing that's going on right now, and I've been seeing the one from Primark on a lot of blogs. The Primark in my area is quite big but they seem to get things in late. But I did find it! I really wanted the white/cream one but they only had this mink coloured one, which I actually really love!

Primark £12.00
Bit of a simple one but I fell in love with it. Just a plain longline camel jumper with these two ruffles by the shoulder. What I loved is that the ruffles were on the back too! I love when the details go onto the back as well.

Primark £3.00
Just a little umbrella that I can chuck in the bottom of my bag, which with the weather lately... I'm in desperate need of! They're not the greatest of quality umbrellas, but they do just to have there in times of emergency! Plus who can resist the leopard print??

Primark £2.50
I don't often buy jewelery because I always forget the wear it! But I thought the jumper would look a bit plain on it's own and I saw this pretty little necklace and thought it would do the job :)

Primark £4.00, £1.00
Loveeee this swallow scarf, the background it's a mauve-lavender-grey with fuchsia swallows on. Perfect for jazzing up a plain or monochromatic outfit. And the belt? Pretty self explanatory!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul :) I also picked up some 'super skinny' jeans from New Look, but thought they were a bit boring to show. But if you want jeggings that look and feel exactly the same as jeans - button an all - these are your guys!


  1. love the primark necklace! it doesn't look very primarni either, looks more pricey!

    the new look wedges look fab - such a staple as they can be dressed up or down!

    :) xx

  2. Those wedges are super pretty. :) x

  3. I have those wedges, super comfy and useful. x

  4. Ooh I just bought that belt last week :) I'm going back to get the black one!

  5. aw i really love those wedges <3 may have to go into new look sometime soon x

  6. lovely purchses, I love the pussybow top I have one in cream from new look and they look great with everything! :) xx

  7. Great haul!! Love the wedges, blouse and scarf.

    Sadie x

  8. Super cute umbrella! I also recently bought a leopard print umbrella <3

  9. Great purchases, those shoes are gorgeous! xo

  10. I love the wedges! I used to think they were ugly, but I can tell how cute they look in the picture with them on! The scarf is really pretty too.

  11. Oh my god..I need that scarf!!!!! It's gorgeous! Great haul!
    I have learnt the hard way never to leave anything in the shop if you like it as inevitably it'll be sold out when you go back!
    Zoe x

  12. @Sarah - That's exactly what I thought! Yup, I can see me getting a lot of wear out of them!

    @Michelle - Thank you!

    @missmascara1983 - I hate walking in heels, but these seem to make it more bearable, yay <3

    @Victoria India - Thank youu, glad you liked!

    @That Girl - Ahh I had the black one and only just got round to getting the tan one, they're so great!

    @Carina - Yeah I really recommend you do, seeing as though they're on some sort of offer right now :)

    @GoldenGlow - Ahh, I may have to pop into New Look! I love how they can be dressed up or down!

    @Sadie - Thank you girlie, I'm happy you enjoyed the post

    @G A B Y - Leopard print umbrellas for the win ;)

    @Holly - Thanks Holly!

    @Jennie - Eeek I love them, thank you

    @Amaris - Haha well I'm glad I helped sway your opinion ;)

    @Zoe - Thank youu, they also have it in a coral colour which was pretty too. Aaah I know, it's always the way!

    @communicatingbeauty - Aren't they just?? <3


  13. If only we had Primark here in the States! I'm in love with those pumps! <3

    I like how you got a touch of a leopard print on that umbrella. It's not too much. I must say, I'm a sucker for scarves and yours is a definite steal! It's lovely. :)

    New follower - most definitely!

  14. @Toni Tralala - Ahh well maybe now they've given us ONE Forever21, you'll get a Primark? Bit of a swap lol! Thank you for following, I really appreciate it <3 xoxo

  15. Amazing haul! I am in love with the mink blouse.. I am going to have to pop into Primark and get me one! I also have those new look shoes in the beigey colour :) xx

  16. I love the shirt with the pussybow and the umbrella! Great haul!!!

  17. @Eliza - Thank you! I'm feeling the love for them ;)

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint - You should, you should... they're super flattering!

    @Cait - Glad you liked the haul :) Thanks


  18. Ahhhh love all of it, successful Primark shopping trips are the best!


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