Monday, 3 January 2011

Lauren Conrad - Style

Hello cuppycakes,
So in my latest haul, I showed the Lauren Conrad book that I bought, called Style. I'm an LC fan so it was inevitable that I was going to buy this book at some point, but I know a few of you mentioned in the comments that you want to get it but you're not sure whether it's worth it etc. So this is going to be a post on my opinion of the book...

So this book claims to give you plenty of tips and tricks on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It has pages on all types of clothing, tailoring, DIY hemming, vintage, how to shop properly as well as make up styles, different products and how to do some of Lauren's signature hairstyles.

The first few chapters are how to build up your wardrobe, and not just having tonnes of clothes, but how to fill it up effectively so you never have a day when you don't know what to wear. Lauren goes through what she thinks you should have as staple items in your wardrobe. They're pretty much what you expect, but sort of make you think more wisely about what you're buying and thinking about the useless things in your wardrobe.

And of course, it's adorned with beautiful pictures of Lauren in gorgeous garments! I love pouring over these and envying her style (or stylist!). There are actually a lot of picture's in the book, not just of Lauren but also items of clothing etc. There are actually some helpful bits of information in this book, although they are sparse! A particular part I found helpful was on clearing out your wardrobe and how to decide what things you really want to keep and deciding things that you just think you want to keep.

Another part I found useful were different outfit ideas for different occasions, like 'date night'. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to wear in order to not look too casual or too made up, and I think Lauren explains this really well. The pieces on smart packing is worth a read too. We've all packed half of our wardrobes for a week in a hot climate, haven't we?

We all love LC's signature winged eyeliner and natural face make up, don't we? The make up section of the book is quite short, and is actually written by her make up artist. They have a few different looks, with a sketched face which then goes on to numbered steps, walking you through each one.

The hair chapter is also short, but it does cover her famous braid! It doesn't have picture instructions, which I feel would be really helpful for people, but again it follows the numbered steps rule. Again... these are written by her hair stylist.

This book only took me a day to read, so it's really light and doesn't take all that much effort. Overall, this book is nothing groundbreaking. If you're looking for fashion/beauty secrets that will change your life... this isn't the book for you! I'd say that if you're an LC fan, you'll probably still enjoy it. I think it's still a good book to have and to read... mainly because after I read this, although I already knew the things it had mentioned, it sort of inspired me to wise up about my wardrobe and to get everything sorted and stop impulse buying and really think about my purchases. So it has made me get my butt into gear! Plus there are lots of pictures to inspire me and to reference. So yup, that's my two cents on this book... if you're still not sure, next time you're in a bookshop just have a quick flick through to get a feel for it.

Have you read this book, what did you think of it?


  1. thank you so much for this!
    i've put off buying it for a while now and haven't actually seen a review on it yet so this has pushed me to get it :) thank you <3

  2. @Holly - Thanks hun, glad you enjoyed it :)

    @Jodie - Aw yay, I hope you like it when you get it... Let me know what you think!


  3. Great post, I'm waiting for mine to come in the post, cant wait! I love LC :)

  4. I got this for Christmas, love it! :)

  5. I've been wanting to know if the book was worth the buy, thanks for the review! :) xx

  6. Thanks for the great review! I was wondering whether to get this book... now off to Amazon :) xx

  7. Fab review! Im gonna buy it just because I love her so much, she's STUNNING. xoxo

  8. Great review! Really tempted to pick up a copy of this for myself as I love her style x

  9. Yay! Thank you for reviewing! I think I'll grab a copy for sure!
    Something good to keep :)

    Katie x

  10. Happy birthday!
    I so wanted to get this book while in Dubai but it was sooo expensive, plus when I went back to Borders at the other mall, I couldn't find it :(

  11. Thanks for this post, I love being able to see what's actually in the book and hearing someone's opinion on it, rather than having to go into a bookshop and flick through, unsure of what it'll actually be like :) x


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