Sunday, 20 March 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Hello ladies,
England was blessed with the sun this weekend! It's really got me in the mood for summer, it just can't roll around any sooner, you with me? So in true British style, everyone was out and about strolling around in just shorts and a t-shirt... the sun was out, but the temperature still left us with goosebumps. That's how us Brits roll ;) On Saturday me and Dean went out for a bit of lunch/dinner and a stroll at a place called The Marina. It's kind of like a harbour alongside parades of shops, restaurants, flats and a casino, cinema and bowlplex. It's one of my favourite places to go in Brighton :)

I took some photo's because the weather was just so gorgeous and I couldn't pass the opportunity to snap some of the boats and waterside flats. Me and the boy were actually talking and we'd really like to try and rent one of these flats when we eventually move in with one another. How awesome would it be to live here? I shall leave you with some pictures...

Also popped in a photo of the Royal Pavilion that I took from the car on the way home, it's so pretty and makes me draw a deep breath every time I see it. If you've never visited Brighton before, I really recommend it. But then again I'm a tad bit biased ;) I adore Brighton and couldn't see myself living anywhere else!

Did you take advantage of the sun? Are you in the mood for summer or are you hoping for a long winter?


  1. beautiful pictures, brighton is on my 'to go' list! :D xxx

  2. Wow it looks lovely there! Fab pics :D x

  3. The sun was amazing this weekend, i hope it stays like this :)

    I was in Brighton last week for a spot of shopping, my absolute favourite place to spend the day. I've been obsessed with watching Choccywoccydoodah on the good food network, I love the Belgian hot chocolate that they do, it's amazing :)



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