Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nude and Sheer

Hello my lovelies,
Just a quick, casual and lazy outfit of the day today lol. I'm just pretty much hanging around the house as I only have one lesson at college - which is a bit of a result for me! I have so much extra work to do though so I should probably be getting on with it but you know, I'm such a big procastinator!

Sheer shirt, Zara
Nude camisole, Primark
Leggings + Bracelets, H&M 

I didn't photograph my footwear because I was wearing my slippers, lets not lie! Aha. I really need to find a good place to take outfit photo's... I'm thinking I should probably buy a tripod?

I'm having a bit of a diet slump again, the weight is coming off so slowly now, which is a bit rubbish because it was all going so well. But I know that I really just need to step up on the exercise front, the diet goes really well but sometimes I'm a bit lazy when it comes to doing the 30 day shred!


  1. Love the outfit.

    I have the 30 day shred but i am yet to use it! Need to motivate myself!

    leannemariea.blogspot.com xx

  2. Aw cute outfit <3

    me too i have so much work to do aswell but can never bring myself to do it lol =[


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  4. what an amazing blog...
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