Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Small Primark Haul

Hello my loves,
I promise you I shop elsewhere and not just Primark! Lol. I always feel like I can get my 'shopping fix' by going into Primark without spending too much money. Especially right now when I want to start getting ready for the sun but don't have a pocket full of cash. Anyways here are the bits I picked up...

Animal Print bandeau - £4
Just a summer basic, I love bandeau tops - I feel like they really flatter me. This one was only £4 so it was a bit of a steal. I can't wait until it heats up to start wearing it so will probably team it with some leggings and a chunky cardigan.

Navy and White Patterned Playsuit - £5
This is my first playsuit! I was in love with them last summer but I just couldn't find one that wasn't expensive but fit me really nicely too. But I found this one and I really like it... it's polka dot (sort of) and it's coming up as black and white but it's actually navy. The ruffles at the neckline are a nice touch, especially for £5!

Cream Open Knit Jumper - £12
In my opinion, this is quite pricey for what it is (considering it's Primark), but it is a damn site cheaper than those coming from Miss Selfridge or Topshop. Open knit jumpers seem to be everywhere and I think they're so easy to style!

Hearts and Stripes Jumper - £10
So cute! This doesn't look like it's from Primark at all. It's not a cropped jumper, but it's much shorter than the average - it hits just where your jeans/leggings start. They also have a really similar one that's American Flag style (red stripes, blue pockets with stars on).

Cobalt Maxi Dress - £11
This is my favourite buy of the year so far... I'm gonna throw it out there! Also, my first maxi dress, seems I popped two fashion cherries in one trip ;) Photo's will never do this dress justice... it fits me perfectly and is just the right length. It makes me feel so girly and comfortable. I just can't wait to wear it! For a mere £11 everyone should have one! I'm luckily blessed with an hourglass figure, but this is instant curves if you haven't!

Successful shopping trip all in all, with some really good buys. I think Primark are right on the mark at the moment! What's your 'buy of the year' so far?


  1. I adore the stripey jumper and animal print top!!

    I bought that exact playsuit myself last weekend and am dying for some hot weather so i can wear it :)


  2. The dress doesn't look like it's from Primark at all!!! I may have to "invest" in one soon!

    Katie x

  3. Wow, its safe to say i need to get into primark!
    I love the leopard dress and that playsuit looks like one i bought from republic!

    Leanne xx

  4. that blue dress is amazing!
    Gotta love Primada ^^

  5. Love all your items but especially like the animal print bandeau and the maxi xx

  6. ooooo, i always go to Primark with an open mind but never find anything worthy of sparing my cash!

  7. You got some lovely bits! That navy and white playsuit is gorg! x

  8. You cant beat a good primark haul, They have some great stuff ready for the summer. Cant wait to go and get a few pieces.

    Great choices, so cute


  9. love your haul. gna have to check out my primark very soon now! <3

  10. OMG the animal print bandeau is gorgeous!

  11. love the bandeau and the playsuit. I get so excited for summer when i see clothes like these. How excitinggggggg!! :) xx

  12. @Kirsti - Ah me either, if I can't resist temptation I'm probably going to wear it with opaque tights and a cardi!

    @kt_gray_3 - An investment that doesn't even make a dent in the purse is always a great find ;)

    @Leanne Marie - Oh defs, they have some really nice things in at the moment :)

    @Harrriiiet - You really do have to love it, haha

    @Zoe - Thank you!

    @Amy McDonnell - Primark are a bit hit and miss, but they've stepped up for summer I think :)

    @Christina Marie - Thanks hun :)

    @Loren.Renee - Thank you!

    @Cotton - Yeah they have some really nice pieces at the moment :)

    @GABY - Thanks <3

    @Steph - Haha I'm glad it's not just me!! I just want the sun to come out so they don't have to sit on their hangers for too long ;)


  13. I recently bought the navy and white playsuit too!
    I love it, perfect for summer :}



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