Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hello treacles,
Hope you're all doing well. I'm having a bit of a 'blah' phase... none of my clothes, make up or even my hair is exciting me. I need a shake up! I want to try and grow my hair a bit longer, but I still want a bit of a change at the same time. I was thinking maybe going a shade or two lighter for when summer rolls round... but I'm not too sure how it would look on me. I go in circles with my hair - I grow it long, get bored and cut it. Then I miss my long hair. My hair dye fades to a nicer light ash brown, I don't like it and dye it back dark. I then look back on photo's of the 'fading' stage and I love it. Argh! Any advice lades?

Anyway, ramble over. Thought I'd do a FOTD... I know I always stick to neutrals unless I'm going for an inspired look solely for my blog or for the hell of it - but it's what suits me. I think anyway, haha! I always find that browns and smokey styles look best on my eyes, so that's sort of what I went for today, but with a twist of a bit of plum thrown in there.

brown/bronze colour all over the lid + lower lashline [warm 88 palette]
bright purple/plum colour in crease [warm 88 palette]
'sphynx' on inner crease [urban decay book of shadows, 2]
very dark brown shade pushed into upper lashline [warm 88 palette]
benefit bad gal eyeliner on waterline
maybelline pulse perfection mascara

The plummy tones are really subtle, but it just jazzes up plain old brown (as beautiful as plain old brown is). I'd forgotten how beautiful 'sphynx' is. In the pan it looks like a vibrant baby pink, if that exists, with shimmers. But the shimmers are blue, green and pink which add something beautiful to the inner crease. And here's the overall 'face shot' if you will lol...

Have you rediscovered any eyeshadows shades recently? Any that you would recommend to a neutrals lover?


  1. Gorgeous makeup! It looks fab with brown eyes! x

  2. love your eyes! it really brings out your pretty brown eye color! your lashes look so long! :)

  3. You look so gorgeous!


  4. I really like the eyeshadow!
    Im not really one for makeup, but I forget that it doesnt have to be so pat evans, but it can look peng.
    i like i like

  5. This is so beautifull! I have been loving Iced mocha by maybeline recently, lovely taupe shadow with silver running through it
    Great post you talented girl!


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