Thursday, 3 March 2011

Braids in her hair...

Hello my loves,
I woke up this morning with major, uncontrollable hair. You know, when it just won't do what you tell it to? Yeah I hate those days too. I haven't worn plaits out of the house since I was about 6 years old, but they're a big trend that always rolls around at Spring/Summer and I thought it could remedy my rebellious hair. It's totally messy, I don't like polished hairstyles, but here it is...

I just teased the crown of my head, plaited my hair and pulled the plait apart slightly, messy yanoo better than what was there before.

Just have a bit of a boring day at college, a lot of work to get done... and not all that long until summer exams. Eek! Then I have a driving lesson, which is a bit meh - I just want to pass now! Then I'll probably go and chill at Dean's house. I'm really craving chocolately and desert things today, I'm resisting the temptation though! Has anyone got any good healthy/diet foods that will satisfy my sweet craving?


  1. I love it. I also love plaits when they go from the fringe into the hair but I can't seem to do them on myself! I can't help there I'm the same I just want chocolate constantly at the moment :/ xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!<3

  3. Have you lost weight? you look great :)

    For healthy sweet stuff I'd recommend Slim Fast chocolate bars, only 2g of satfat. Boots own 'shapers' bars are lovely too and again low fat, and all around 100 calories. Also, weight watchers desserts are amazing - try the frozen section at a supermarket and they also do delish cakes!

  4. Thankyou for this! I read it in my R.E class and then my hair was being a twat so i did a side french plait :-) x

  5. @Steph - It does take a while to kind of get to grips with... I think it's just all about practice practice practice!

    @Holly - Thanks chick <3

    @alicia - Ahhh yes, I've lost some! I got so excited that you noticed! Haha. Ooh I'm going to have a little lookie next time in Sainsburys, thank you!

    @Amy McDonnell - Haha! RE obvs not your fav ;) Lol, plaits are great tamers :D


  6. Your hair look so beautiful and strong!


  7. That really suits you :)

    Sometimes i put my extensions in and do a side plait like yours as my hair isn't quite long enough on it's own to look nice.
    I plat it quite tight and then hold the end before fastening and shake the plait a bit and it loosens it up giving it a bit of a messy look :)


  8. i love braids on a simple day, it suits you well!

  9. I really love you blog :)

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