Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mint Choc Chip comparisons

Hello lovely ladies,
In this NOTD, which feature 17's Mint Choc Chip I mentioned how it reminded me of Barry M - Pure turquoise and Collection 2000 - Button moon. I wanted to do a comparison of swatches to see how similar they actually are and whether it was just me. So here it is...

As you can see, Barry M is the same kind of 'family' if you like, but is a tad darker and a lot brighter... Mint Choc Chip is much more of a pastel shade compared to the Barry M Nail Paint. However, when you compare it to Collection 2000's Button Moon, it is actually so similar! Button Moon may be a fraction more blue toned, but it's pretty much the same! I can't believe how alike they do actually look. So if you can't get your hands on Mint Choc Chip then have a search for the Collection 2000 shade - they're both available in Boots and Superdrug and they're both really affordable so I suppose it doesn't matter which one you get. I was hoping I wasn't going to find a 'dupe' because then I could've justified buying a nail polish in a shade basically identical to one I already own. Oh well!

Oh and just wanted to let you all know I have Twitter, I've had it a while but not very many people that read my blog actually follow my twitter. So, if you'd like it www.twitter.com/ntlieread.

Are you guilty when it comes to buying one shade in a variation of brands?


  1. Oooh, those two are similar!

    I think I like the Barry M one best though. Not so much a fan of pale blue nails. I don't know why. Just a bit cold I guess - reminds me too much of winter!

  2. The mint choc chip looks a shade darker than the 17 button moon one

  3. I really love this kind of color! Thanks for the swatches x

  4. I love the Barry M, so vibrant and perfect for summer!

  5. I have Button Moon and I love it. In fact I've not worn it in so long. I think it's what I'll be wearing next time I do my nails.
    Which NEEDS to be soon... chipped is all I can say.


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