Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Hello my lovelies,
Recently I've just been so 'blah' about my wardrobe. I know what styles I like, and what flatters me... however when I'm out shopping I tend to impulse buy and not really think about what I already have in my wardrobe. I always dismiss basics because I find them so boring to buy and would rather buy more fun and 'one off wear' things. So, what I've been doing to try and overcome this is to compile a folder on my desktop full of inspiration pictures that will keep me on the straight and narrow ;) I love structured, classic pieces mixed with more on trend items. On the whole, quite feminine, think Lauren Conrad. These are some pictures I'm taking inspiration from at the moment...

I would love to source each photo individually, but I got them all from weheartit and it's pretty near impossible (as well as time consuming) to track down each original source :(

How do you stop yourself from impulse shopping?


  1. Fabulous post, I love all the pics!
    The last one is my favourite I think, very classic :) xxx

  2. Ummm, I don't stop myself from impulse buying, I wish I could == I seriously have a problem! Lol!!

    A little impulse buy here and there doesnt hurt, I see it as an "investment".

    Great pictures, I like the first one!

    Katie x


  3. Love the inspiration!
    Normally my boy stops me from impulse buying,
    but when hes not around hahha thats another story ^^

  4. You have such a pretty style!

    ha I don't really have a way to stop impulse buying I guess when I run out of money..its horrible!


  5. I want those flag shorts! alsssoo i love that moschino belt <3 love your blog


  6. Great post. =). I'm pretty similar to you in that i prefer not to buy basics and choose "one off" items and have a wardrobe full of clothes, but have "nothing to wear"!
    Love all the outfits in these pics! xXx

  7. @Lauren - Thank you, yep you can't beat a crisp white shirt

    @kt_gray_3 - Lol, I wish I could stop too!

    @Harrriiiet - Haha that's so true, I tend not to impulse buy when the boyfriend's there. Maybe we have a plan!

    @FashionAffair - Always ruins a shopping trip that ;)

    @cosmetic-junkie - The mochino belt is TO DIE for. Aw thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it :)

    @Stephanie - Thanks, I'm happy you liked it :) That's exactly what I do!



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