Saturday, 12 March 2011

My week in photographs

Hello sweets,
So this week is the second week I went back to college after half term, which means my week wasn't all that exciting. But at least my body clock has returned to normal lol. However, I love doing and reading these posts, so I thought I'd do a little 'my week in photo's' stylie thing.

I rediscovered my love for egg and soldiers! Quite nostalgic and took me back to my childhood, it's delicious. And how cute is this little elephant egg cup? I used to have a frog one too but it smashed! I got them from The Rainforest Cafe in London - if you haven't been, you need to go!

I've been on a diet/health kick for about 7 weeks now, I've lost about 11lbs so far which I'm so happy about. It's not often I stick to diets, temptation gets the better of me. I suppose this time I was motivated. However, I've sort of hit a plateau, so I decided to write out a list of dinners for this week; all really healthy with plenty of veg and no meat. I'm not a vegetarian, nor am I trying to be... just trying to cut out some extra fat. I couldn't go without meat forever, as much as I'd like to.

I then went shopping for all my ingredients for my dinners, how yummy and colourful does all of this look?! I feel like if I have a plan to stick to and have a fridge stocked with only healthy things... I'll be less tempted to opt for quick meals like beans on toast instead of getting my installment of my 5-a-day!

This is my 'sweet and thoughtful girlfriend' side coming out, it doesn't come out all that often. My boyfriend is in love with football (as are most) and he actually is an assistant coach for an Under 14s football club... but this week he got promoted and has been given his very own football team to coach and manage. So proud of him! He loves anything with caramel, toffee, fudge or flapjacks so I popped to Sainsburys and picked up a 'Toffee Toffee Flapjack Pie' and stuck in some chocolate letters. I would've made him something, but I didn't have the time :(

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Umberto Giannini for Backcomb In A Bottle, it's literally a godsend! That is all.

I finally picked up the perfume Diamonds from Next - which if you didn't know, is supposed to be a dupe for Dior Miss Cherie, apart from a small fraction of the price. For 30ml of the Dior perfume it's £43.92 and for 30ml of the Next perfume it's £6.50!! Garish name and bottle aside,I can confirm... they smell almost identical! Another cheap dupe is Katie Price's Stunning... however I'd rather buy the Next one, lol!

How has your week been... any highlights?


  1. Wow welldone with the weight loss, that's fantastic (:!xx

  2. I want one of those elephant egg cups (even though I don't like boiled eggs) - they're so cute! x

  3. i love your handwriting, and you're so pretty xxx

  4. i have got that next perfume for christmas i luuurrve it! xxx

  5. your hair looks amazing! i didn't know the rainforest cafe was still going- they had one in manc but it shut, does it still have the animal figures and jungle stuff all around? x

  6. Ahh i've been to the rainforest cafe! haha i love that place

    ooh thanks for the next perfume tip ;P

  7. The flapjack cake looks amazing! x

  8. That cakeyyy think looks so PENG!!
    i always want to eat healthier but my parents just fail and fill me up with niceee unhealthy food (N)

  9. @Holly - Thank you girlie!

    @Tess - Haha! It is pretty cute :L

    @Chloe - Thank you, I always think it looks like a childs handwriting! Aw thanks <3

    @Cosmetic-junkie - I've used so much of it already... just as well it's cheap!!

    @Emma - Thank you :) Yup that's the one!

    @Carina - It's amazing, I love it too! It's no prob, so much better finding a dupe than having to pay £50 odd!

    @Joanne Nicola - I didn't actually get to try any because of my diet :( The boy said it was yummy though!

    @Amy McDonnell - My Dad alwaaaaays cooks MASSIVE dinners, they're not unhealthy but the portions are HUUUGE! Haha, always my downfall!


  10. Yuuuuuum, that flapjack cake/pie thing looks so so good!!! :)
    Im hungry now haha!
    Cute blog xxxx

  11. Your hair is amazing, as is your egg cup :P x

  12. I've also got Diamonds, its great for the price :-) xx


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