Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My week in photographs

Hey everyone,
I take so many pointless and random photo's during the week so I really like doing these posts so that they have somewhere to go! Lol. Plus I'm nosey and love reading other people's so there must be some other noseies in you guys!

We've had some really beautiful sunsets this week, like literally stunning. This is a totally crap picture, haha! I get the perfect view of the sunset from my bedroom, but I was on my way out and houses and trees block it out from outside. I'll try and get a good photo for next week!

I apologise to all arachnophobes! I had a nasty, nasty visit from this beast! I was all alone in the house as well, and I was getting ready for college. I have an unbelievably ridiculous phobia of spiders and it set me into a blind panic lol. When my dad got home I made him do a spider hunt - no way was I sleeping in my bed with the chance this could be crawling over my face! Thankfully, my dad found it later on in the evening and put it outside. I refuse to kill them...

This has been my lunch of choice pretty much throughout the week - not exactly diet friendly but the salsa is homemade and actually, pretty healthy. The cheese is low fat and I try to use it sparingly and I always try and get completely plain nachos (as in not salted), it's a bit of a treat and I love nachos!

This has been my snack of choice - it's so yummy. I love dips it's so quick and simple and tasty as well. Sesame breadsticks and onion and garlic dip if I feel like I need quite a substantial snack otherwise it would be cucumber sticks instead. I really love the taste of sesame seeds. Has anyone ever had sesame chicken? It's one of my favourite Chinese dishes, I might give it a go myself - any good recipes?

I went lusting after MacBook Pros. I would die if I had one of these. I've never owned a MAC but you hear such good things and I want to see what the other side is like ;) Oh and you have to leave yourself as a background and take a couple of pictures on photobooth don't you? Or is that just me and my niece? Ha!

Early in the week I got struck down with a flu-bug. I was pretty much bed ridden. My Dad is the best in the whole world, every time I get so much as a sniffle he takes care of me! He brought me up beans on toast in bed for dinner - I think this was the start of my road to recovery!

Had a good 7 days?


  1. Ahh I love posts like these!! :) The food looks delish <3

  2. Aarghh I am petrified of spiders, if I see one I get scared to go back into the room where it was for the next week haha!xx

  3. I'm very jealous of the food.
    & i can never take decent pictures of the sunsets! it's such a pain!

  4. I love cheese and this post makes me hungry. Haha.
    I'm poop at taking pictures of sunsets, I just can't capture though a lens what my eyes actually see!
    & I didn't even see the spider at first, then a read it, and cried a little inside. I'm still randomly shivering. Haha.
    I love posts like these, so please do more.

  5. I love photo posts! Your nachos look so yummy. I love having them at the cinema. The spider photo is scary! We get huge spiders here living in the countryside :( xx

  6. I love posts this, I've just done one myself ;)
    Your nachos look tasty, i've actually never tried them before! I'd also love a MAC, i'm thinking of investing in one for uni but they're so expensive!

  7. @ibbabelle - yay, im glad you enjoy them :D

    @Holly - I'm exactly the same! I wish I could get over my fear lol...

    @Amy McDonnell - I know, it's so difficult. Which is a shame because they're so beautiful.

    @KatieWrites - Haha! Cheese ftw ;) I'm pretty crap at taking pictures of sunsets too... as i evidently showed lol. Aw yay I'm happy you liked them :) I take so many random photo's its nice that they have somewhere to go lol.

    @Pyxiee - Ooh yeah, nachos at the cinema... on par with popcorn! Lol. Aaah this is why I could never live in the country or abroad :L

    @Caz - Yay, I love photo posts too :) It's ridiculous how pricey they are... but they are amazing!



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