Saturday, 30 April 2011

My online 'The Body Shop' order

Hello beauties,
On Thursday I was browsing The Body Shop's website, and I realised they have two offers going on at the moment - both of which are pretty amazing. The first is buy one get one half price and this applies to absolutely everything (they don't have to be the same item either). So basically, if you buy anything you get get something else for half price. The second deal is in aid of the Royal Wedding that went on yesterday. If you put in the code ROYAL30 at the checkout you'll receive 30% off your entire order. OH, and Standard Delivery is free - this always draws me in!

My order got here this morning (Saturday) which is impressive seeing as though I ordered on Thursday and Friday was a Bank Holiday! Anyways, here's what I got...

Cucumber Cleansing Milk, £4.00 + Cucumber Freshening Water, £4.00
My current skincare didn't blow me away and it's also on it's last legs. I really like The Body Shop skincare ranges, they're great quality and all of the ingredients are sourced really well. I thought I'd go with this Cucumber duo because I reasoned that it would be super gentle on my skin and really refreshing in the Summer. Excited to use these! They're also really cheap for Body Shop skincare. It was a toss up between these and the Vitamin C range.

Coconut Oil Hair Shine, £4.85 + Facial Brush With Lid, £3.00
The Coconut Oil Hair Shine appeared on this Month's Most Wanted so I just had to get it. It was the first thing I pulled out of the package and I took a long sniff... it doesn't disappoint! It melts onto your finger and is just gorgeous. Love the tin too, is that strange? I really like the idea of gentle exfoliation each day so I ordered the Facial Brush With Lid because I've heard great things about it. I was really shocked by the fact that it's actually really soft. Review to come?

So in all, my order would've come to £15.83 but because of the two current offers, my order total was £8.64 with free delivery, I was very smug ;)

Definitely get on to The Body Shop website, I'm not sure how long these deals are going on for so go and grab yourselves a bargain now! And let me know what you get! Request any reviews below if you want them :)


  1. Oh wow, Body Shop UK has some amazing deals. Unfortunately Body Shop in Australia NEVER goes on sale, lol. Nice buys. :) x

  2. I brought a couple of items due to this amazing deal! I want to buy more but i cant keep spending!!

  3. Thanks for the discount tip, I picked up a couple of (desperately needed) body butters for a steal!

  4. I've always been intriged by the face brush, looking foward to a review (:!xx

  5. Thanks so much for letting me know about this! I've wanted some stuff from there for ages!

  6. oooh please do a review of the coconut oil!! that'd be awwesome to hear about! :) i'm always trying to look for things to make my hair look shiney and healthy!
    love the little shop! amazing products! gotta love body shop! xxxx

  7. i was so upset because i made a order the day before where the offers were going on except for the 30% off, i was like nooooooooooo!
    But yeah, my order was dispatched on wednesday and arrived on thursday! really impressive :) and hope you can do reviews on the cucumber range

  8. @Michelle - Ahh that sucks :(

    @Lisa - It was just too good to pass up wasn't it?!

    @Jess - Absolutely no problem :)

    @Holly - As soon as I get some use out of it, I'll do a review lovey!

    @Rachel - No prob hun! Glad I was of help lol.

    @Sundari - I'll get a review up soon :) I know, they're products are such good quality! Fairtrade AND animal friendly <3

    @sidobelei'beauty x3 - Ah no, I hate when that happens. It's like buying something then seeing it in the sale :( I will do! :)



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