Thursday, 21 April 2011

My week in photographs

Hello lovelies,
Unfortunately, this post isn't going to be all that exciting! Lol. I have exams coming up from May-June, a total of 6 (3 of them being Biology!) and so I've been really trying to knuckle down and get sufficient revision done. Especially before I have to go back to 6th Form next week and continue to get mountains of work... I'll get there though, fingers crossed! When I go on to do a Nursing Degree (eventually) I'm sure this will all have disappeared from my mind! That's enough rambling, lol, I'll get on with the post - sorry it's not so thrilling! Haha.

Me and the boyfriend took a couple of walks to the beach (the first 3 photos). I love sitting on the beach, it's so beautiful. I don't think I could imagine not living near the sea, even from a few classes in my 6th Form, you can see the sea from the window! The only thing I would change is the pebbles, they're not so comfortable - mould much prefer sand ;) But look how glorious the sun is! Sorry if it's snowing or something where you are right now!

With the sun, I've been craving ice cream cones, more importantly, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Other than Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough I think that has to be my fave. So off we popped to Sainsbury's... can you believe they don't have mint choc chip?! So I had to make do with mint neapolitan, does look quite pretty though? Maybe that's just me.

You know those people that just love cheese, and you just don't understand it? I'm definitely one of those people! I've been tucking into this delicious brie this week, nom nom! Can't beat a brie and grape sandwich ;)

Hope you've all had a lovely week and that you all have a wonderful day :)


  1. Ugh revision :( I've been trying to knuckle down but I don't think I've been doing enough! 6 weeks left so it should be OK. I love that first photo :) and that block of cheese is huge :O I'm one of those cheese loving people too haha x

  2. Eughhh revision has taken over my life at the mo. :(
    Those photos of the beach make me sooo jealous, wish I lived near one!


  3. Love your photographs! The sun looks lovely - I miss living near the beach. I am also a lover of cheese! Brie and grape is delicious! yum x

  4. @Louise - Lol! The cheese isn't that big, I think it's just the camera angle.

    @Charls - Me too, I feel your pain haha

    @Pyxiee - Thank you :D



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