Monday, 4 April 2011

Sigma Wishlist

Hiya cupcakes,
With the release of Sigma's new brush kits 'Make me...' I've been lusting over some new make up brushes. I would love to get one of the Make Me kits just for one of the beautiful colours; I would probably go for Purple or Turquoise. However, I actually already have most of those brushes in Sigma/MAC versions. So I made a list of all the brushes I want to order...

For these brushes it would cost me a grand total of $75 which converts to about £47, which is actually really reasonable. I have a few Sigma brushes and I would say they are on par, if not better, than MAC brushes - and they're so much cheaper. I found the MAC versions of these brushes... and how much would it cost me? £164!!!!! So you can see that Sigma is much more affordable. *MAC don't have a flat top/round top kabuki so I used the prices of their duo fibre brushes*

Are you a Sigma fan?


  1. Great post!!! I would defo like to try these brushes especially the Kabuki round top!!! think I'll go have a wee nosey now!! thanks

  2. I actually have all these brushes bar one which is the small contour but I have the MAC equivalent. I would say you don't really need both the F80 & F82. I normally use the F82 for my foundation and when I sometimes use cream blush I use the F80 but you can use either one for doing the same things I just prefer the F82 a little more xx

  3. I really want to try these, I've heard such good things about them lately! And the price difference is amazing.

  4. I loveeeee Sigma brushes! I'm saving up to make an order for a few new ones :}
    That Sigma F80 "Flat Top Kabuki" is my favourite brush everrrr, great quality and is sooo soft!


  5. @Claire - No prob! :)

    @Abbie - Ooh, I did wonder how different they would be and heard a lot of people talking about how they're both good for foundation. But I suppose it makes sense that the F82 is better because you can get in around the nose and things. Thanks for the advice!

    @River - It makes you wonder how much it costs make to make their brushes compared to how much they charge!

    @Charls - I love them as well, think I might have to save some pennies to get some more!



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