Sunday, 24 April 2011

My favourite products of the moment

Hello my loves,
Sorry I've been slacking on the blog front recently... the sun and revision have both been distracting me from writing posts. Plus I haven't really been buying many things so I haven't had any new and fresh to write about. I can only apologise! :)

Anyway I thought I'd show you my favourite products of the moment, like I said I haven't been buying much so none of it is new and most of them are rediscoveries. I thought I'd do little speed reviews as well, I'll start with body/hair...

Phil Smith Shine Brilliance shampoo + conditioner.
I love these, I literally do. My previous choice of shampoo/conditioner was always L'oreal Elvive and had pretty much been through the whole range and thought that I would always use it. I fancied a change and picked these up in Sainburys - so glad I did! I've never been 'into' shampoo, I couldn't care less what brand it was... shampoo is shampoo right? But I actually noticed a difference with this shampoo, when you was it off it makes your hair feel super clean and weightless. Using both of them in conjunction leaves very glossy and smooth hair that feels strong.
Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo.
Dry shampoo is a godsend... for in between washes but also for volume. I love Batiste, as do most of us but I feel like this is much better. Its not invisible as it says, but it has much less colour than Batiste and doesn't take ages to brush out, it isn't much more expensive either. I like the scent better than any of the Batiste's too.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter.
Now I'm pretty sure every single one of you has seen and/or used this! I just recently finished one of my Body Shop body butters... for the first time ever! I'm trying to stop wasting products, especially ones like this. I have tonnes of body butters that I get bored of and are just left sitting in a cupboard or drawer somewhere. So I moved onto my Palmer's and I forgot how much I loved it. The scent is delicious - maybe too sweet for some. It takes next to no time to sink in, and keeps my skin so hydrated. My legs get especially dry and itchy with shaving and all that jazz!

L-R NYX Margarita, 17 Purple Haze, Rimmel Spotlight Beige.
These are the only make up favourites I have... I'm in a bit of a slump if I'm honest! These lipsticks are the 3 that I've really been reaching for though. They're such pretty colours... Margarita and Purple Haze being very bold and summery whereas Spotlight Beige is a very pretty nude.

So there we go! Sorry it's such a mammoth post lol. Has anyone got any good drugstore foundation recommendations for me? And which mascara shall I go for next... Collection 2000 Big Fake or Prestige My Longest Lashes?


  1. That Palmers butter is one of my favourites too, best moisturizer ever! And I did not know it came as a pump - much better than my squeezy bottle - thanks for letting me know!

  2. @Rachel - Haha, no prob! The pump makes it much less messy :)

    @GABY - Thank you, glad you like them!


  3. you're right, i think everyone uses palmers cocoa butter haha- i only use it when im on holiday instead of after-sun and it makes my skin really tanned and nice! doesn't sting either ;) all 3 lipsticks look lovely too x


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