Sunday, 10 April 2011

My week in photographs

Hey ladies,
I get quite a good response when I do these posts... a lot of you like reading them and I love reading other people's so it makes sense to do them really :)

I got round to making some brownies at long last. They're my ultimate guilty pleasure and I absolutely adore them - but I'd never made them! They were pretty delicious and chewy, but they weren't exactly how I wanted them to come out. I might tweak the recipe then come back and share it with you (if it's successful). I'm a right little housewife in the making ;)

The sun had been shining, and it's been awesome. What do I instantly think when the sun comes out? A big glass of Bulmers/Magners/Brothers over ice. I'm loving Bulmers Pear cider, it's so yum! Trying to make the most of this sun, because it might not carry on!

Today was the Brighton marathon and Dean's cousin (Emma) was running it, a whopping 26 miles in 5 hours and 30 minutes. Well done Emma! We went along to give some support, beautiful weather for the spectators - not so much the runners. Massive admiration for everyone who runs the marathon. Especially the firemen that run in their uniforms! I know I could never do it!

On Thursday, I took part in a sponsored walk from my 6th form, to Brighton Pier and back. It was about a 10 mile walk, but all for a good cause! We walked for The Teenage Cancer Trust - a friend at college was diagnosed with cancer at the start of the year which was devastating, so all of us are trying to do our bit and help out as much as possible. Just from collecting buckets alone on our walk we raised around £150 (there were only about 23 students). After the Easter holiday we'll see how much we raised a long with all the sponsors. I took this image from Google because I forgot my camera :(

I think I've mentioned it before (in fact, I'm sure I have) that my boyfriend is a florist... when we first got together I would get flowers almost weekly. 2 and a half years on, flowers aren't all that regular ;) and of course I let him know! Haha. These gerbera's are my favourite, so he got me a a gerbera plant that will last a lot longer, I love it <3

Obviously it was the Grand National on Saturday, and I've always made a bet on a horse. I'm the sort of person that chooses purely on name, I never look at the odds or form. I chose Santa's Son... because of my child like love for Christmas! Obviously not that great of a horse with 200-1 odds, haha! Nevertheless I still bet on him, the place we made our bet he was 100-1 and I made a £2 bet. Amazingly, Santa's Son was in the lead until the last 5 fences!!!! Then it all went downhill lol, I was gutted... Had he have raced forwards I would've been £204 better off! Ah well. I can't help but feel a little uncomfortable about the Grand Nation every year :/

Did any of you guys win any money? What were your highlights of the week?


  1. Such amazing photos hun! :)
    Those brownies look incredible and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable about the Grand National too. I picked the winner but I actually cried as they were going over each fence. So sad that two horses died this year. :( x

  2. Your chocolate brownies look amazing, and very tempting. Shame I've given up chocolate for lent.
    It sounds like you've had a lovely week. I'd love to run a marathon, but I can't see it happening anytime soon. I can't even run to the shop, or for a bus come to think of it. Haha.
    Those flowers look gorgeous, I'd love something like that for my bouquet. I should really get cracking on that as we've only got 5 weeks to go.
    Beautiful pictures btw.

  3. Great post, hungry for brownies noww....
    Izzy xx

  4. wow, love this :) all looks amazing. I've never been to Brighton, but would love to so so very much x

  5. I'm gutted i didn't get to go down and watch the marathon. My cousin ran too and did it just about 4 hours with no training - no idea how! x

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend with cancer and I hope you raise a lot of money! Also the brownies look gorgeous. My family always bets on two horses each for £2 each year, I chose Majestic Concorde and Quinz, both of which didn't finish. I wasn't so much bothered about that though, I felt sorry for the trainers and owners of the two dead horses.

  7. Sounds like it was such a lovely weekend! Brighton looks stunning & those brownies look delicious. :) Wow, that's amazing about the marathon - congrats to Emma! So sorry about your friend with cancer, it's really lovely that you all are raising money & showing your support <3

  8. Those Brownies look fab! Well done on raising money with your charity walk :) x

  9. I agree with you about the grand national, although I bet on it it seems so cruel that horses die in something they don't have a say in doing!xx

  10. Your brownies look amazing:) I put chocolate chips in mine to add a different texture. Glad I came across your blog.

  11. @katie louise. - Thank you! :) I know, I definitely think they need to make the race easier on the horses.

    @KatieWrites - Aw thanks, gosh giving up chocolate for lent. You're a brave one! Me either, I'd have to be training years in advance lol. They would make a really cute bouquet! 5 weeks?! You must be so excited!

    @Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) - Haha ;) I'm glad you liked the post.

    @Cosmetic-junkie - Lol, sorry ;)

    @Steph0188 - You should visit! You'd love Brighton :)

    @FudgeSmoothiesMakeup - Oh wow, 4 hours! With no training! That's incredible.

    @Olivia - Thank you :) Yeah I know, it's so tragic every year...

    @Laura xo - Thank you hun, everyone seems to get together and feel compelled to do something when something like that happens :)

    @Caz - Thank you!

    @Holly - Hmm, it does make you think about how it can be entertainment :/

    @A Cuppa Jo - Thank you, ooh that sounds delicious. I might give it a try, thank you ;)



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