Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Month's Most Wanted

Hello beautifuls,
April edition, already! This year seems to be going so fast... my exams start next month Which is another worrying thought that I shall put to the back of my mind for the moment, lol. Good luck to anyone taking exams this Spring/Summer whether it be GCSE's, A-Levels or epic Uni stuff ;) Anyway, I've been spying a lot of products or items this month, and I could always write a list as long as my arm. However, these are the select few that I've been wanting the most.

Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara: I'm sure you've all seen/heard about this mascara and I do know it's been quite controversial. Many say that it's a great product that really volumises but others say that the formulation is so dry it just doesn't do anything. I'm luckily bless with naturally good lashes, so hopefully this will work for me. Even if it does dry up super quick, it's so cheap I wouldn't mind repurchasing regularly (unlike the Max Factor False Lash Effect).

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: Again, another product that has been doing the rounds - this time I've only heard great rave reviews. Even Tanya from Pixi2woo has been impressed with it, which must be saying something right? Looks like I've craving a bit of collection 2000! Haha, I wouldn't mind their 'Perfect Finish' foundation either.

Barry M Nail Paint 'Peach Melba': I'm sorry that this wish list is entirely predictable, but I've seen so many blog posts featuring this nail polish and it's just the epitome of Summer, the name is pretty sweet as well. I love the Nail Paints, they are such amazing quality for the price. I've not been disappointed by one yet.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine: I remember Gemma from Gemsmaquillage talk about this ages ago and I also think Laura from Lollipop26 and they seemed to really like it. I don't usually use a lot of hair products... I normally just can't be bothered. But I love the smell of Coconut, I love The Body Shop and I think this would be great to just pop in the ends and kind of  'seal' the monstrosity of my damage ;)

Converse All Star Ox Low White Canvas: I am desperate to get a pair of Converse. I've always been meaning to, but something else has always caught my eye and I've never got round to it. They're an essential really aren't they? I love the way they look with pretty summer dresses, shorts and even plain leggings/jeans. Need these in my life!

What have you been lusting over in the month of April?


  1. I really like how you mixed all of the items into the same picture :)
    Very artistic of you!

  2. I love coconut too! I might have to get some... I've been better with my hair product recently since it started to get all dry and horrible! xx

  3. im exactly the same as you with the converse haha. i dont have any and really could do with some but something else always catches my eye. i might try the collection 2000 mascara, i have good eye lashes too and if it's cheap, even better xx

  4. I also really want to try the collection 2000 mascara, I've heard so many raves about it (:!xx

  5. I have the Big Fake mascara and I love it!

  6. thats creepy, this wishlist is like exactly the same as mine!

  7. I have 3 pairs of converse and they are the most comfy shoes I own, I love them! :)

    xo Lynzy

  8. @Jordy's Beauty Spot - Haha, thanks!

    @Steph - It smells delicious, I promise :D

    @jessicaaa - Even is it does dry out quickly at a fiver you can't go wrong!

    @Holly - It's not dissapointing yet :)

    @Cherry - Yup, I'm so glad I picked it up :)

    @sidobelei'beauty x3 - Haha! How strange, I told you it was predictable!

    @Lynzy - I NEED to get some, FO SHO.

    @"this fashion lark." - Thank you, glad you liked it



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