Thursday, 14 July 2011

Face of Last Night

Hello lovelies,
So last night was our goodbye-do for College! Weird to think that a lot of the people there... I may never see again :( Although I know that a lot of them I will, well I hope so anyways. Basically we all said that we didn't want a big fancy Prom or anything like that - mainly because our 6th Form is so small, it would probably be pointless. We all decided on a nice civilised meal and then there wherever the wind took us afterwards. This was my make up...

Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish foundation
Natural Collection loose powder
NYC bronzing powder 'Sunny'(contour and bronzer)
MAC Pink Swoon

All shadows from W88 palette
Elf cream eyeliner 'Black'
L'Oreal Super Liner 'Carbon Gloss'
Prestige My Longest Lashes mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Khol Pencil
Elf Brow Kit 'Medium'

Natural Collection lipstick 'Apple Blossom'
Barry M lipgloss 'Toffee'

We actually ended up in the Casino, first time I've actually been in a Casino and lets say I was a little bit hyper about it lol. Put £10 in the Roulette machine and said I wasn't going to go below £5, about 20 minutes later and I was down to £0. But I won back my £10 + £2.75!! As soon as it went over that £10 I cashed out!  I wanted to be able to say I won haha, wish I kept going now! If I'd taken advice from Jake I would've been £30 up... gutted. And of course a compulsory 'in the toilets' shot (blurry one at that)...

Hope you're all well!


  1. Really pretty, that cobalt blue really suits you! xo

  2. I like your make up. I use similar colour combination most days. You can't go wrong with browns and nudes colours:)

  3. You look lovely :) love your eyeliner! Also love your top! x

  4. I love your makeup, your shirt is lovely too :) xx

  5. You are pretty, but the way you took the pictures shows up facial hair more than would be seen in face to face.


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