Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Perfect Foundation Couple?

Hello ladies,
A few days ago now I came across the perfect foundation combination/duo for my skin - all by accident. Basically the foundation that I'm using at the moment (Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish) is a little bit too light for me and is also rapidly running out. So to preserve it for a bit longer, and to make it match my colour better I mixed in a bit of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. It gave me the most beautiful finish!

I love the Bourjois Health Mix, but it is a very radiant and dewy foundation... perfect for dry or normal skin, but a nightmare for my oily skin! In the winter it's a great foundation for me because it isn't cakey and makes me look fresh and with powder I don't get too oily. However, in the Summer this foundation just makes my face look like an oil slick, not the look I was going for.

The Rimmel foundation has a very matte finish and is of course very long lasting - although their claim of 25 hours is outrageous. I'd say about 10 hours. But who wants foundation on their face for 25 hours anyway?! The problem is... too much of this foundation and you will look very made up. So mixing it with a bit of the Bourjois gives a sort of Satin finish. It's mainly matte but the Healthy Mix gives that bit of a 'glow' with out being 'greasy'. So here is what it looks like on...

But as you can see both foundations are on their last legs! So I need to decided whether to repurchase them both or get a different one! If you have any drugstore foundation recommendations leave them in the comments :) A couple of girlies on twitter have said that Max Factor foundations are always a safe bet.

Have you got a favourite foundation combination? Maybe a foundation/moisturiser duo? Don't forget drugstore foundation recommendations in the comments :)


  1. Love this you look gorgeous I have the rimmel foundation and I always keep going back to it over my bobbi brown! xx

  2. Your skin looks gorgeous. I've got both of these foundations - need to give this a try as agree about the Rimmel being a bit "too much" sometimes!x

  3. i have actually been using these foundations mixed together too. i love both foundations so mixed together they are really lovely x

  4. I've been using that combo lately, I love it! They're both great foundations on their own, I just wish Bourjois was less expensive.

  5. @Adele - Thank you! Yup, I love it too... this is actually my second bottle and I very rarely like a foundation so much to repurchase :)

    @princesselfy - Yesss, it can be a little too heavy sometimes. Really recommend mixing a bit of Health Mix in :)

    @Samanth19 - It's such a nice combo!

    @Christina Marie - Thank god for make up because it definitely isn't! Haha, thank you though <3

    @mary - Yeah I love them both a lot! Hmm, it is quite pricey for drugstore but I think it's worth it!


  6. It really gives you a flawless glow! I use Bourjois healthy mix and although I don't think it's the best foundation I do enjoy it but because I have combo/oily skin I set it with a mineral foundation which gives it that extra coverage aswell xx

  7. @Abbie - I quite like Healthy Mix on it's own... but only when I have good skin! Haha

    @Roxanne - Thank you hun <3


  8. i have both these foundations will definately be trying them mixed together after reading :-)


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