Sunday, 10 July 2011

My First Shop in 20 Days!

Hello lovelies,
So if you follow me on twitter (@ntlieread), a while ago I announced I was going on a make up spending ban, lasting for a month. That was the 20th June, so it's been 20 days and I can confirm I've not bought a single item of make up since then *very proud blogger*.

The reason for the ban was because I realised how much stuff I already have and don't use. Now, I wasn't on a clothes shopping ban at all but to resist temptation I had been avoiding the shopping centre. But on Friday I went on a lunch date with a bestie from College and we ended up shopping. I was very controlled though and didn't go mad! May my problem be cured?!

Primark, Feather Print Vest, £3.00
I've got a few of these vest for £3 from Primark now and granted they're not the best quality... but they have some really lovely graphics and designs. Loving this feather one! Was also trying to hunt down an aztec print one I've seen about on Blogger but had no luck :(

Primark, Red Blue and Cream Stripe Vest, £6.00
This swing style vest screams summer if you ask me. I'm an avid stripes lover anyway but I love the navy and red and the varying thickness of stripes too. The fit and cut is really lovely and I think would be flattering to most body types.

H&M, Strappy Striped Vest, £7.99 £3.00
I can't shop the sales, I just can't. The sight of a messy sale rail and I'm running. H&M is my exception though, their rails always seem to be tidy all day and I find it much easier to shop the sale in H&M. I wish I'd had more of a look because this top is a steal. I love the strappy back - perfect for summer and subtly sexy.

H&M, Dusky Pink Blazer, £19.99
I've been looking for this Blazer for a while but they haven't had it in my store and there was no way I could even stomach the thought of ordering it online after my last experience. Alas, I found it and everytime I look at it, it steals my heart. It's the most flattering Blazer I've ever put on (pictures do it no justice) and in the most beautiful colour. This is going to get so much wear this summer, it's a staple!

LUSH, Fresh Farmacy Sample, FREE
In my last Month's Most Wanted I talked about how I really wanted to try a LUSH cleanser and I had my eye on Fresh Farmacy. I popped in and was served by the sweetest man who said they don't actually do samples of Fresh Farmacy but cut me off two slices anyway. When a girl dreams of having a gay best friend... this guy was it! He was so lovely. Excited to see if this cleanser is what I'm hoping it will be.

LUSH, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, £2.35
I'm not really a Bath sort of person but you cannot walk out of LUSH empty handed, it just all smells so good. Their Bath Ballistics don't really tempt me but I love their bubble bars... they create the most gorgeous smelling and feeling bubbles everrr. I've never tried Creamy Candy before and I don't know why because its so cute and it smells like heaven!

So that was my controlled spend! Lol. What have you guys been buying recently? And can you ever walk out of LUSH empty handed?


  1. love the pink blazer! xo

  2. love what you got :) i can never find good things in the sale

  3. love the blazer, I'm heavily into blazers at the mo, gorge x

  4. Love what you got! especially the blazer, its a lovely colour. good luck with the makeup shopping ban! x

  5. I love the Primark vest, I really need to have a look in there more often! xx

  6. I love the feather shirt! Great finds!

  7. The pink blazer is gorgeous x

  8. I love the blazer, i saw it in another persons post recently and have been eager to get my hands on it ever since! I've been trying not to go into lush lately as i still have lots i need to use up! I really love the bubble bars too, they're heavenly! x


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