Sunday, 17 July 2011

My week in photographs

Had a clear out of all my College stuff that is left over, everything in this photo (apart from the green psychology text book) is Biology! Biology was seriously the bain of my life for the past two years and I pray that I don't have to go back and retake next year. Honestly, 10 exercise books full of Biology, what was I thinking?!?!

Found this hilarious! This is my boyfriend's laptop and every time I use it I always change his desktop background... usually to something disgusting, embarrassing or rude. Immature? Maybe! Thought I would change it to a wonderful photo of his girlfriend this time :)

There is some kind of food-theme going on in these posts! What can I say? I adore food!! And I've become increasingly aware of it whilst doing these posts, haha!
1, 2: Dean bought some watermelon from the wholesalers, mainly to give to the football team he coaches after their training session. But he left some behind and I've been enjoying it al fresco in the sun! It's SO yummy.
3: This might sound crazy to some people but I've never actually tried French Toast (I prefer the term eggy bread tbh!) so I thought I'd have a crack at making it. Result = Success. It was pretty good, I used eggs, milk and cinnamon and topped it with some maple syrup. I'd still prefer a fry up or pancakes though ;)
4: I hate to admit it but I'm a bit of a carnivore. I also love bread and cheese, so this lunch could not have been more perfect, beautiful Continental lunch! Think I would definitely fit in in Italia, no?

Hope you've all had lovely weeks!


  1. I've just finished my first year of biology and regret taking it so much! It is a ridiculous amount of work compared to my other subjects.

    Water melon looks yummy :)


  2. All of that food looks so good - making me feel very, very hungry right now!

  3. I remember taking A level Biology and the amount of work was insane. I still have all the work. I really need a clear I just have no idea where to put it all!
    All that food looks so yummy, especially the eggy bread, which is my favourite food. Yum yum. x

  4. I love french toast its my favourite thing ever! I do biology as well but I don't mind it, I think its because I dislike my other subjects so much more in comparison! x

  5. I always seem to take photos of food haha, the french toast looks lovely - i've only made it once but I want to try again as I don't think I made it right! I love cinnamon so i'd definitely put that on it too! xx

  6. @Fudgesmoothies - That definitely is the problem with Biology, it's a fantastic subject and I really enjoy it... but there is SO much subject matter!

    @Rachel - Ahaaa, sorry! :)

    @Katiewrites - There is so much of it isn't there?! I don't know whether to throw it out or not! I don't think I can... all the effort I put in ;) lol.

    @Phoebe - Haha, I loved it as a subject just found the workload a bit of a struggle! Good luck with it all btw :)

    @Caz - Lol, I'm glad I'm not alone! Aaah yes, definitely use some cinnamon! I'm not usually a fan but I love it with this :)


  7. The Eggy Bread sounds tops! Always had it savoury with a squirt of the old ketchup but a sweet version will be a first for me. Thats breakfast saturday morn sorted then :) x


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